Reid Keuther MPT OCS, of PHENIX Physical Therapy & Wellness, joined Dr. Denniston on the 32nd episode of The Junk You Should Know Show. In this episode, they take a good look at long-term physical wellness. What can be done now to give all of us a better quality of life later? Keuther shares that “balance of function and a function of balance,” (3:07) will make a significant difference. 

The balance of function includes not only the risk of falling but the fear of falling as well, which increases the risk. Equipping yourself with the tools and skills to reduce the risk and increase confidence will have a very significant impact.

The function of balance addresses flexibility through the balance of flexion and extension, along with strength. By strengthening your flexibility and balance you are empowering yourself mentally and physically to move with confidence.  

The Outliers and Long-Term Physical Wellness

“Outliers” are those individuals that set themselves apart in the latter stages in life. They have made it a point to make long-term physical wellness a priority well before their well-aged years. In this episode, Dr. Denniston and Reid Keuther MPT OCS examine some of the issues and solutions so that we all can strive to be a part of the “outlier” group.

Issues with being unbalanced.

Postural issues, due to the imbalance of flexion and extension, have become an epidemic. A chain effect of issues then become present like headaches, impingement risk due to shoulder blade changes, lower back pain, and even plantar fasciitis. (5:36)

Spending time intentionally strengthening your posterior chain, a group of muscles found on the back of the body, can improve posture and balance. At the 9:02 mark of the episode, Keuther shares a couple of exercises to work on those muscles.

What are the “progress killers” that get in the way of long-term physical wellness?

There are common events that become roadblocks, which they affectionately call “progress killers.” (10:48)

  • Injuries due to exercised done incorrectly.
  • Consistency, the inability to continue to maintain the same level of forward progress.

Keuther’s suggests goal setting, accountability partners, and proper progression to overcome these obstacles. (11:21).

“As long as you keep moving well, you can keep moving.” – Reid Keuther MPT OCS

The Junk You Should Know Show Ep 31 - The Outliers Long-Term Physical Wellness

In case you missed the LIVE session, check out the replay here. Have you experienced any “progress killers?” What did you do to overcome them?

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