About Dr. Denniston

Connecting Vitality and Performance for a Better Bottom Line

Dr. Denniston is a wellness strategist for elite leaders and their teams, bridging the connection between personal well-being and professional success. 

She provides custom solutions for burnout and stress and facilitates cohesive habit-training strategies that maximize vitality, productivity and resilience.

Her Wellness Amplifier Performance Program is sourced from 25 years of private practice working with companies from small start-ups to global giants like Microsoft. The goal of this program is to identify factors that deplete energy, limit performance, and squash potential and to create an ongoing pattern of self-fueled performance and reward.

As a keynote speaker she motivates audiences covering topics from health and wellness to stress and resilience. Slinging wellness truth-bombs tied together in an undeniably approachable delivery, Dr. Denniston is clearly passionate about equipping employees and teams with wellness strategy to amplify their impact in the world.

Having worked with thousands of patients over her 25-year chiropractic history, Dr. Denniston has a solution and progress-based approach to 1:1 coaching relationships. Her primary objective is to focus on key shifts that garner the greatest optimization.

She is the also the author of Three Day Reset and a regular contributor to several online wellness publications such as Thrive Global and Medium.

Dr. Denniston has worked with:

Ready to work together?

WELLFITandFED’s primary programming includes programs, keynotes, workshops, events and customized consulting. The foundations of these offerings are rooted in 25 years of experience working with companies from small start-ups to global giants like Microsoft.

Elite Leaders

You have a big job with a lot of responsibility.

Part of your role is ushering your team to be consistently motivated and engaged.

That is hard to do when they are suffering from personal and professional burnout.

Let me partner with you to provide proven strategies to build a stronger, healthier and happier team.


You need to address your well-being but lack the time and energy to make it a priority.

You are overwhelmed and burned out and your boundaries have become flimsy.

You know self-care is a must, but can’t see a way to make it happen.

You are ready to address the imbalance and take your personal and professional potential to the next level.

Team Connection

All teams can use a reset. An opportunity to come back to base and reconnect with their purpose and well-being.

They need practical tools that amplify individual wellness and team connection.

Let’s give them an active and engaging facilitated offsite or keynote presentation that leaves attendees with immediately implementable strategies to move the needle on personal and professional success.