After focusing on others for decades, did the best, most optimized version of you get lost?

When I was nine, I grew like a mastiff puppy — six inches in one year. Since mastiff puppies don’t do back handsprings on the beam, I quit competitive gymnastics and focused, instead, on competitive binge eating.  

By college, I had ballooned to 235 pounds with no U-Turn in sight. Here is what I discovered much later. My weight and subsequent anxiety, thyroid condition, arthritis and other health issues were symptoms of a bigger problem.  

The problem was this. I had no idea how to fuel my body optimally, I had no concept of how to, as a woman, achieve fitness, and I had no understanding of self-esteem, mindfulness, or purpose or how those things deeply and detrimentally impacted my wellness.  

My name is Dr. Heather Denniston DC, and over the last 25 years, I have studied, practiced and taught the foundational principles of wellness. Not only have I turned my own health around, but also that of thousands of patients and clients.

Through years of practice, I've developed a strategic approach to health & wellbeing. My strategy is not a diet and it's not a quick fix. 

Rather, it aims and fires with long-term change and longevity in mind. The principles of my approach are simple.

-> Provide easily digestible bulletproof resources

 -> Deliver unwavering accountability to hug or butt-kick when necessary 

-> Create a community of motivated wellness seekers who support each other toward health optimization and the fullest life experience.  

Introducing The Change Cave

  • If you feel like you’re not in the best shape and don’t know where to begin
  • If you look in the mirror and don’t recognize your reflection
  • If you’re frustrated by the overwhelming information available
  • If you're discouraged by false promises of a “21-day” this or “30-day" that
  • If you feel like a failure after trying tactics and tools you're told should work, but don’t

The Change Cave was born to help you create sustainable, lasting health. It’s purpose is to address the fears that you carry about your long-term health and wellness.  

It was created to provide you with knowledge, support, and challenge. The Change Cave protocol specifically identifies your unique wellness path and then inspires you to take action toward acheiving your personal goals.  

Through powerful resources, a 12-module curriculum, unwavering accountability, and a passionate community of like-minded women, results become a foregone conclusion.  

All-Access for life, Just $397

I need this!! Let's get started...

Who should join The Change Cave?

The Change Cave was created for the woman over forty who is ready for a long-term transformation. Maybe you’ve spent the last 20-30 years building a career and/or raising kids and somewhere in all of that hustle - you’ve lost your sense of self. It's been years since you put yourself first. Perhaps you are frustrated with your weight or you are not clear how to feed your body for optimized function. Maybe you lack mindfullness strategies or you are unsure how to set wellness goals and see them through. These are things we tackle in The Cave.

We are going to take this one step at a time. Here's a sneak peak at what you get when you join The Change Cave monthly membership...

  • Get hooked up with a structured monthly curriculum covering all aspects of wellness.
  • Build an epic foundation of wellness knowledge and set strategy for health optimization.
  • Receive weekly emails with recipes, guided workouts and inspiration to keep you on track. 
  • Gain access to insider expert interviews with top professionals in the wellness field. 
  • Be privy to exclusive challenges that keep your wellness goals fresh and fun.
  • Get inspired, encouraged and supported in a way that you've never had before. 
  • Get to know a group of kick-ass women who have your back. 

Get it now for $397

What exactly is included?

If you're more of a hands-on person, and you want to know all of the nitty-gritty details before you say YES, here's some more information below...

  • A 12-step system with interactive material to create a solid foundation of health. 
  • A strategic monthly focus on one of the 12 wellness pillars 
  • Weekly accountability emails with recipes, fit-tips, inspiration and more
  • Monthly group challenges.
  • Downloadable PDFs to help you breakdown your goals into actionable steps.
  • Live monthly mindset classes for key content, questions and goal review
  • A highly interactive exclusive community of wellness warriors 
  • Plus plenty of bonus content along the way! 

Get it now for $397

True wellness is a long game; it is not for the faint of heart. But for those women ready to see the changes they desire in their health by embarking on a journey of wellness enlightenment, The Change Cave is the solution.