The Change Cave


The Change Cave brings like-minded people together who are inspired to ignite action beneath their health and wellness goals. Through powerful resources and a passionate community, accountability and results are a foregone conclusion.

Igniting passion and inspiring first steps

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Who should join The Change Cave?

  • Individuals that are ready to take the next steps in their health
  • People who have tried before to lose weight, exercise or implement wellness changes and have failed. 
  • Those looking for support in a community of like-minded people ready to change. 
  • People ready for the next step in their health program but are just not sure who to do and need the tools and know-how. 
  • Individuals who know that we require structure and accountability in order to see long-term success. 
  • Those who have tried everything to address their health and have met with limited or no success 

What will I learn from The Change Cave?

  • A truer understanding of how to nourish your body through whole foods 
  • How the principles of nutrition effect you mentally and emotionally
  • How to exercise in a way that is effective and right for you 
  • The deep impact mindset has on your wellness success 
  • The role that wellness plays in your future 
  • A set of tools to heal your body from the inside out
  • How stress and balance play into personal wellness pursuits 
  • A clear set of personal health objectives broken down into bite-sized action steps with an implementation timeline in place  

What will my results be?

  • Weight modification 
  • Exercise implementation and mastery
  • Consistent sleep hygiene 
  • The Wellness mental game 
  • Access to your deeper “Wellness Why” 
  • Deep understanding of food as wellness currency 
  • A personal wellness legacy  

What is the Change Cave?

  • 12-module interactive foundational wellness learning institute
  • Facilitated creation of "Your Wellness Why," "Your Personal Improvement Plan," and your "90-Day Wellness Objective."
  • Weekly Newscast emails
  • Regular group challenges and downloadable PDFs
  • Live monthly mindset classes
  • A highly interactive community of wellness warriors
  • Monthly guest expert presenters.  

Sign up for $29.99 per month. Cancellable at anytime.