Goal Progress – You Have To Squat Before You Leap

Goal Progress - You Have To Squat Before You Leap - WELLFITandFED

Stand. Just, stand. Now, jump. You can’t can you? To jump you must bend your knees, and in bending your knees, you are dipping down lower than your starting position. The only way to jump up in the air, or to leap, is to come at it from a squat.

I had a business coach. He was one of those teachers that emerge spontaneously from the wings of your life and disappear just as promptly. He spoke with his big sausage-finger hands, and everything he said was huge; huge in gesture and huge in meaning. One lesson he taught me stood out apart from the rest. It was that pearl that someone hands over that might change the course of your life.

“Heather, before you reach any goal worth achieving you have to squat.” He stopped for dramatic effect; then he began again.  “When a goal is worthy and true you will often find yourself with a sense of pause before that goal is realized. It might feel like you are losing ground, even going in the wrong direction. It might feel like a most articulated sense of failure or hopelessness. This is the time when most turn and walk away.”

“Always remember this is the ‘squat’. Our bodies naturally squat to leap physically. Mentally this occurs as well. Our accomplishments, dreams, and goals are the destinations of a mental leap, and to get there – Guess what? – We also have to squat.”

Do you feel like you have been digging, and driving toward a personal or professional goal? Does it feel as though nothing is happening? No forward motion seems to be transpiring? Does it feel extra hard?  Is there tremendous pressure? Does everything seem against the odds?

Remember the squat.

When I have pursued “out of my league” goals, the squat-concept gave me peace. Knowledge of the existence of the “squat” phenomenon gave me the strength to go on. Often the deepest part of the squat is the tender moment right before a goal is achieved.

Don’t give up.

Keep punching on.

Love the squat.

Get ready for air-time.


What goal have you been working on that has taken a back burner because of perceived lack of progress? Could you be in a squat? Could it be that you need to swing your arms back and go for it? Consider a goal this week you might need to revisit with renewed passion! 


Would you like to consider some business coaching? Let’s determine if we are a good fit for each other! 

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51 Responses

    1. Totaly. I think too many people give up when they are steps from hitting gold! Thanks for reading.

  1. This is the perfect analogy. As someone who’s working on my career goals and working on getting fit again – I know that the squat burns but it’s important. In fact, it can almost be more significant than the jump itself. Thanks for sharing this, it was very encouraging.

    1. Sola! I love the added visual of the burn AND the fact that the SQUATTING can be the more important part. That is where character is built, right? Thank YOU!

  2. Love this analogy! I feel like I have so many goals that I’m working on right now. I just need to keep my eye on the prize. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. You could make a goal to set a goal Monique! 😉 My assistant used to laugh because I would make a list about making a list.

    1. It will come Kim. I was in one too and I had FOUR things happen on Friday that showed me I am getting there! Yeah!

  3. I love that analogy. I’ve always noticed that right before I’ve achieved some of my most cherished goals, I’ve had a moment of total loss. There was one goal that I achieved where I sobbed the entire day before things started to move forward. I couldn’t believe how quickly things went from hopeless to attainable. That is a lesson I try to take with me.

    1. It helps, doesn’t it. I re-read it this week as well! 🙂 Good luck getting unstuck! (That is where the best work happens though!)

    1. It was helpful for me the first time heard it as well, Jessica. It sure helps stay the course!

    1. xoxo back at you SS. Sometimes we gotta put the “horsey blinders” on and just keep moving forward. It’s YOUR journey and in the end disappointing others ends up being a lesser deal than we make it out to be in our heads. Keep going, girl!

    1. Thankyou. I have returned to this post for my own encouragement so I am glad others are resonating with it as well.

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Goal Progress - You Have To Squat Before You Leap - WELLFITandFED

Goal Progress – You Have To Squat Before You Leap

Stand. Just, stand. Now, jump. You can’t can you? To jump you must bend your knees, and in bending your knees, you are dipping down lower than your starting position. The only way to jump up in the air, or ...
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