Anyone can do three days!

Do you want to feel and look healthier than you ever have? Do you want a food plan that shows results quickly? The Three Day Reset is a whole food, organic eating plan geared to charge your metabolism, give you tons of energy and provide all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Why should you do The Three Day Reset?

  • Lose weight and get lean
  • Move toward “healthy” with do-able non-extreme methods
  • Build habits that spill over into regular life
  • Watch symptoms like headaches, bloating and brain fog clear
  • Celebrate less joint and muscle pain

The Three Day Reset is not a diet. It is a transformational experience that will leave you refreshed and renewed.


  • Easy-to-follow meal ideas and recipes to help you create and stick to the program
  • Detailed shopping list and Prep instructions
  • Daily Reset journal included
  • Priority shipping (U.S. addresses)
  • Use coupon code THREEDAY
  • The Three Day Reset Book
  • Invitation to private Facebook group for additional coaching and support
  • Three 3-Day Reset coaching calls with Dr. Heather Denniston

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About the Author

Dr. Heather Denniston has practiced chiropractic for 20 years and is a national speaker,published author and the creator of She created The Three Day Reset to help you create and maintain a more abundant life experience.


“Not only was the Three Day Reset incredibly easy to follow, but I was also amazed at how quickly I felt lean, light and energized.  I’ve experienced several cleanses and detoxifying plans, and this was by far the most effective.  It was gentle on my body, and I never felt deprived or lethargic as is often the case when making a dietary change.  The Reset also ushered in a new way to approach eating for the long term, and I was exposed to some new foods and supplements which have become mainstays in my diet.”  – Michael Soltis, M.Ed. Actor, visual artist 

“What I liked about The Three Day Reset was it was only a little to “bite off” and commit to. I could get my head around just doing three days a week, and now I have been doing it for several months. Occasionally, I will skip a week but not often because it starts my week out right. I feel more mentally clear and productive in the other aspects of my life as well. The Three Day Reset has allowed me to learn authentic ways to eat clean.” – Courtney Maguire, Director of Respiratory Therapy