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As we become more conscious eaters, striving to make healthier choices, there is something with which we must come to terms. Eating healthy will cost you more. Organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed, unfarmed, and whole food options all cost more. I could write this post on how spending money on good quality food is a paradigm shift. On how I believe we have made food fast and affordable but toxic. On how you can choose to pay now for healthy food or pay later for insulin, weight loss or cancer care. This is all true, and an important discussion to have, but instead I am going to share some good news. Something that I have discovered that is going to ease the pain of the financial transition to eating well.

Hello, THRIVE.

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I discovered Thrive from my mentor George over at Civilized Caveman. (He doesn’t know he is my mentor, by the way, I just call him that.) He has been using THRIVE since they started and at first, I was resistant. When I want Paleo pizza crust, I want it now; I don’t want to order and wait four days! But, I saw THRIVE on Facebook the other day offering a free coconut oil with your first order and with the rate we go through coconut oil that little offer was all it took. I got on the website and checked them out.

THRIVE is a new online grocer that works directly with elite healthy brands to bring their customer wholesale prices on quality food and product options typically found at expensive health food stores. I love that the products are true brands, not knock-offs and that they guarantee wholesale pricing to the customer. The also often have specials going such as an additional 10-15 percent off my favorites.

Know The Smartest Way To Save On Healthy Food! - THRIVE Market WELLFITandFED


My first order came in days. The packaging was minimal and recyclable. (Take a note Amazon!). All the products I love and I had saved over 35 dollars on my first order! On their website, they keep track how much you are saving over traditional pricing. And they even predict what your savings would be for the year if you continue to order these products through THRIVE. Very convincing.

Oh ya, did I mention THRIVE has free shipping?

Know The Smartest Way To Save On Healthy Food! - THRIVE Market WELLFITandFED

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Right now THRIVE is running a cool $1000 shopping spree for all those who sign up in the next thirty days. SO cool! Click through here and if you join you will automatically be entered to win. 




This week I want you to consider your food purchases. Are there areas that you could consider purchasing healthier options? Could you work toward more whole-food options with slightly better ingredients? Remember even just a couple small shifts in what you feed your body can yield great outcomes.  




I don’t make recommendations to my followers without great consideration. I know I have your trust, and I do not take that gift lightly. You need to know that sometimes like this time, for instance, a brand that brand might offer me a free product so I can give an authentic opinion or they may reimburse me for the time it takes to write and develop a post about their product. Know that I would never recommend a brand because of compensation and that the views expressed here are my own. I will tell you if something is crap whether they pay me or not.

Know The Smartest Way To Save On Healthy Food! - THRIVE Market WELLFITandFED



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36 Responses

    1. Right, Emily? I know. I have done a few orders now and I really am enjoying them!

  1. I recently discovered Thrive and was so intrigued by them! I didn’t place an order, but after seeing all of the amazing goodies you were able to score, I think I may go ahead and place the order.

  2. I love Thrive. I haven’t ordered yet but will be in the near future. So much easier than running store to store looking for the products you want and leaving empty handed.

    1. Yes, you just have to get in the habit of keeping track of what you need to order. 🙂

    1. I would love it if you clicked through on my link! 🙂 Thanks, Jen. Enjoy the THRIVE service, it is awesome!

  3. You’re absolutely right, you need to pay more to prevent illness and stay healthy – it’s like you’re investing in yourself and your future!

    1. For now, it is I think. I am not sure what their plans are but I know a bunch of Canadians that would love them!

    1. They are really awesome, Alison. I think you would like them all around from service to the products they stock!

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