The Junk You Should Know Show Ep. 39: All About Green Beauty Products

Skincare and why you should be able to eat your lotions and lipsticks. #thedetoxmarket, #organic #skincare #makeup

Dr. Heather Denniston welcomes Merrady Wickes, Head of Content & Education at The Detox Market, to The Junk You Should Know Show!  The Detox Market has been one of Dr. Denniston’s go to product lines when it comes to green beauty products. With her education and advocacy hat on, Dr. Denniston wanted to share all the incredible benefits of natural beauty products with The Junk You Show viewers.

When we think of green living, sometimes we get tunnel vision focusing on what we put IN our bodies that we forget what we put ON our bodies. Skincare and makeup products are absolutely just as important when transitioning into a natural lifestyle.

The Impact of Green Beauty Products

Think about all the beauty products you use from the time you get up to the time you get to work. Between skin care and cosmetics, that can really add up! Merrady suggests making the transition from traditional beauty products to green beauty products simple. Slowly replace items over time as you run out. Also, remember that from time to time it’s ok to use products that aren’t green, like waterproof mascara! 


Something to keep in mind. Although certain products may include “safe” levels of regulated ingredients, layers of different products changes that “safe” level. What isn’t taken into account is that multiple products combined alter the percentage of any given ingredient, such as mineral oils and fragrances.

Conventional products tend to sit on top of the skin, where natural products get absorbed. Because of this, you really need to find the right fit for your skin type and skincare routine. 

What is green beauty? (13:24)

Green beauty products specifically isn’t a regulated term. In general, these types of beauty products should be free of irritants and hormone or endocrine disrupting. However, because it is unregulated, as a consumer you truly want to review the ingredients. Loose terms like “proprietary blend” aren’t transparent enough.

Green Beauty Product Tips

Find a natural brand that resonates with your values and needs. 

Mineral oils, parabens, and synthetic fragrances are just some of the ingredients you don’t need in your beauty products AND they can affect the body. (Learn more about Reading Ingredient Label

Finding beauty products that contain plant-based ingredients will give you not only peace of mind, but will keep your skin happy.

Finally, make your transition from conventional products to natural products fun! 


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Green Beauty Products - What are You Putting on Your Skin?




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