Let’s be honest. We stink. We are human and with being human comes the off-gassing, periodic dampness (or full on dripping) of our pits. Interesting design feature for sure. Here is how one’s “stink factor” happens.

When sweat secretions occur the PH level of our pits combined with that moist environment allow bacteria to thrive. These opportunistic bacteria feed on the sweat. The chemical bi-product of that sweat-meal gives off an odor, also known as  “the pit stink.” Human perspiration is actually odorless unless fermented by these bacteria! (Amazing what you can find out on Wikipedia.)


In response to our unruly armpits, a vast array of deodorants and antiperspirants (a deodorant sub-category to slow the sweating process itself) have been designed and “sexy-marketed”  to varying degrees of success. The problem is that with the increasing demand for better and better stink control there are more and more questionable chemicals being added to products flooding the market.


Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is permeable which means we secret and absorb through this masterful covering. I have often heard the adage “don’t ever put something on your skin something that you wouldn’t agree to eat.” The notion is that your skin is “eating” whatever you put on it. So it behooves us to act cautiously when slathering ourselves with lotions and potions. That includes our choice of pit sticks.

There are many natural deodorants available but in my experience none of them seem to truly get the job done. I wanted something I could count on. After coming across Dom’s Deodorant from three different sources, I knew I had to try it.

I ordered Dom’s directly from the website. It arrived just a few days later. While ordering, I read  about the owner of Dom’s. Dom  lives on  Salt Spring Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. She reports that after a pretty serious health scare she committed to living as holistic and healthy a lifestyle as possible. Part of being true to her mission was being intentional about what she did, and more importantly, did not put on her body. It was from the lack of a decent deodorant product on the market that she designed this all-natural option that any human can feel safe using.

The best part….it works! 


The ingredients are simple; coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils, and arrowroot powder.

I have to say I was a little hesitant to use the product because it is a paste. At first that seemed really awkward to me. But after using it a couple times I realized it was actually  convenient and practical. The directions are simple. You take a pea size amount and rub it together with your fingers to warm it up and then smooth it on the pits. It smells so lovely!

Let’s just say I challenged this product. With working out, travel, yoga classes and a host of other sweat producing endeavors Dom’s holds up beautifully. The other wonderful thing about this product is the price point. After exchange (Canadian product,) the deodorant is only about 12 dollars per jar but each jar is at least a three month supply. I have been ordering several at a time because you do have to pay shipping, but I imagine Dom’s will be more widely available soon.




Here is the link to the productI hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

Dom’s was featured in Vogue UK. How cool is that? LINK

And could she be any cuter?? 



“Your skin is your body’s largest organ, absorbing what is applied to its surface. DOM’S DEODORANT uses 100% natural and pure ingredients that really work to inhibit the bacteria that cause odor, allowing you to stay remarkably fresh while being kind to your body.” ~ Dom’s Deodorant

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