My mind goes a million miles a minute. I have ideas and creative thoughts jumbled in a tangled, knotted mess between my ears.

As an entrepreneurial thinker that is how we are wired. One million ideas all at once to birth the one or two that can float to the top and take hold.

But often in our busy lives, the pressure and noise of the day doesn’t allow clarity or depth of thought. We get tasky and focused on the urgent and unimportant, and those valuable ideas never get the chance to surface.


Moving Meditation For The Entrepreneurial Mindset.


The other day I was in one of my favorite yoga classes. Piper, the instructor, led us in a moving meditation that impacted me. With her simple guiding words my brain-tangle cleared and suddenly I could see which of the many ideas I had, deserved my focus and attention.



Those four words, combined with specific yoga poses, were repeated and repeated; a simple, but powerful sequence.

As Piper walked through the room, she spoke,







She repeated it until it was just:




It was a five-minute moving meditation, but the experience left me clear for the day and able to focus on the dream I had identified as first and foremost.

DREAM: What is an outcome you want for yourself or your business? Don’t limit yourself to being boxed in by self-inflicted boundaries. Can you put the dream into a few words? Is it clear and specific enough so that you, or anyone else,  would know exactly what you are visioning? During this Cat pose curl up in a way that removes outside distractions and allows you to look deeply inside so that you can crystalize what you want.


ASK: A big part of “DREAM” is having the bravery to “ASK” for it. When I am asking, I am asking God first but it might also be the first step in putting it out to the world.  Keep the “ASK” simple and clear but then release it. During this Cow pose, arch your back and look up to the sky. Cow posture leaves your belly and throat open in a way that is vulnerable. Asking for what you want is vulnerable! And no demands here. Ask in a humble, “belly-exposed” way.


BELIEVE: Here is the hard part. Believe this thing is going to happen. See it as though it already has. Paint a picture of every last detail of your dream at fruition. (Works for Olympic athletes, right?) What does this level of success look like, feel like, sound like, taste like? Lowering into Child’s pose is a symbol of repose; a relaxed posture that permits us to rest and wait. Often with our goals, we force and push and shove. We stuff them into OUR timeline, which may not be the right timeline. While in Child’s pose, completely let go of control, and release.


RECEIVE: This is where our negative self-worth makes its’ unruly appearance. “I am not good enough.” “I do not deserve this.” “Why should I be so lucky?” When you ask for the big dream, you must own that you are capable of receiving it. I surmise many of us dream the dream but fear it happening. That fear has a common outcome of sidelining a dream before it even gets footing. So, during this Cobra pose, lift up your chest, and open your heart, so that your whole body and mind are willing and ready to receive.






Remember the power of your breath during these movements. For the best flow consider breathing in during Cat, and Child’s, and exhaling during Cow and Cobra.


This week I challenge you. Pick three mornings in a row to practice this powerful, moving meditation for five minutes. This is a great time to get clarity on your dreams and intentions for the year!



Let me send you a Time Mapping exercise for the new year! Another way to get super clear on your intentions!! 




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