MAHABIS – Why Is This Crazy European Slipper Taking Over?

MAHABIS REVIEW - Slippers that make you cooler - WELLFITandFED

Before my husband and I went to Portugal last year a good friend sent me an ARTICLE on how Portugal largely boosts their economy on the sale of shoes. I thought that was so odd, but sure enough, walking through the streets of Lisbon there was a shoe store every ten steps. Sadly, not for lack of trying, I did not come home with any lovely Portuguese footwear.

In the last months, I have seen the MAHABIS slipper brand reinvent the idea of the slipper. Now perhaps Google knows I took a look once, and now they inundate me with ads about them, but they are everywhere. Why are they making such a splash? Quite frankly, they are shocking. Shockingly innovative, stylish and somehow MAHABIS made wearing slippers really freaking cool. Their tagline is after all “The Essence Of Cool.”



“I am so cool in my MAHABIS, I sit on the back of the chair, dang it!”


I couldn’t stand it. I had to order. Once online with them, I realized the company is out of the UK. Never matter, they made ordering to the US a breeze. I received my package within a week and let me stop here. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. You could wrap up a dog turd, and if it had fabulous tissue, a beautiful box, and innovation, you better believe I would keep the contents. Let’s just say I was very pleased to see that MAHABIS took great care and attention to impress me.

Inside the box, there was an insert to tell you a little about the product (great card stock by the way). You can imagine my shock and surprise when I was educated that although the MAHABIS company is headquartered in England, their slippers are made where? You guessed it… PORTUGAL! I finally got my shoes from Portugal!


The slippers, once retrieved from their nestled home, felt lovely in my hand. A detachable base (this part is made in Italy) comes with the slipper. This base easily snaps on and off converting “cool indoor slipper” to “I am cool going out to pull in the trash bins.” The bases come in many fabulous colors, and I see now that they are offering some color alternatives for the main body of the slipper as well.

I slid them on immediately and tromped around the house enjoying the feel of the high-quality sheepskin on my footsies. I was sold. I snapped the base on and off the shoe because I could generally, I fell in love.

I ordered a pair for my husband and being he is a size 13 he is hard to fit but his arrived, and they were perfect. The neoprene flap around the heel allows for a lot of flexibility in sizing.

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I was completely satisfied with the MAHABIS slipper. I fear I might have to start collecting the different colors! I have now had them for four months, and I would recommend them whole-heartedly. I am positive they have somehow made me cooler.


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22 Responses

  1. They look so comfy. I love my slippers or “house shoes” how I usually call them. I might have to look into a new pair this fall and will sure keep my eye out for those pretties.

    1. They are great! Enjoy if you get the chance to purchase them! They are pretty special!

  2. I really need some new slippers. These may be the pair for me! I hate wearing my slippers out in the backyard (which is what I normally do), so these are perfect!

    1. I will give you that, Susannah. Ha ha. But somehow the brand has made them cool.

  3. They don’t really “look” all that cool but then again how cool is it to wear cute shoes or slippers if they’re uncomfortable. The cool is in the comfort 🙂

  4. They do seem comfortable, and look really cute! Yet another sheepskin product that everyone wants, including me. It doesn’t sound like they were to much of a hassle to order either which is a plus.

    1. Annie! I am sure there is. Are you having so much fun!!! God, I loved it so much there. I will do a little looking around. If I find something useful to you I will get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Thank You Heather. I popped in to some shoe stores today, however, they had not heard of Mahabis !!! Will keep trying

        I totally love Portugal……a great climate and lovely people

        Best wishes

        1. Love it, Annie! I have found most people say that the MAHABIS brand is better acquired online. So glad you are enjoying Portugal! Just got back from Spain. LOVED IT!!!!!

  5. I ordered these and after a long delay got them & they were too small. I sent them back for an exchange and nothing. 90 days later and many emails later and nothing. Asked for a refund and nothing. Filled a complaint w & nothing. I instituted a chargeback through visa. Hopefully that will work. What a terrible company!

    1. Well, that is a serious issue, Benjamen. I hope they have since contacted you and if not, shame on them! I did find they fit a little small for sure. I still love them but a customer service issue can really turn you off a company, right?

  6. I have tried to contact the company to discuss the fit of the slipper but they do not have an 800 number. I am very disappointed with their customer service. I am in the USA.

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