Haveing just posted about an all natural deodorant that actually works I thought this week I would take the “stink squelching” one step further. I workout many times a week. Several of those workouts are hot yoga classes during which, I will be honest, I sweat like a pig. I am not entirely sure that pigs sweat, however, what I do know is that in Jess’s 60-minute power class at Hot Yoga Experience attendees prove their ability to release tremendous amounts of fluid through their skin. I have wrung my clothing out after class.

Anyone who has recently walked through a workout clothing store understands that fitness clothing can cost almost as much as down payment on a Kia. To outfit yourself with something even remotely adorable, you have to spend some money. So if I make the purchase, I would like this outfit to last. If your workout clothing is not properly attended to you can be assured that after a few classes that sparkly-blue-crisscross yoga top and matching boy shorts will smell like a teenage boy’s hockey bag. You will not get the full life from the garment, and it will need to be tossed.


There are many “fresheners” on the market but beware. They are often loaded with chemicals and have ingredients that are undisclosed. I found several articles not so happy with the most famous of these, Febreeze. I thought this article had some excellent information. “The Dangers Of Febreeze.” The author lists problems with many of the 87 ingredients. 

What do you do if you can’t use the chemically junk that actually might work because you might prefer to have lungs without tumors when you get older? I have struggled with  this conundrum. I am thankful, fellow sweaty bodies, I can offer a solution. THE RUSSIAN SOLUTION.


The Back Story

My sister is a costume designer in the film industry. She is a skilled wonder with outfitting some of the most talented in the “biz”. She notes actors, under set lights, can get scorching hot. Their clothing does not always hold up. She mentioned to me that in “the industry,” they use a spray bottle of secret ingredients to take out the smell in actor’s wardrobe. The costume department had named it THE RUSSIAN SOLUTION. I tried it. It worked great! And, it is simple to apply. At any time, you can spray fitness clothing or your yoga towel with this special solution. Some specific examples you ask? If I know I am in for a particularly sweaty workout, I just spray down my clothes before I wear them. Before I pack my yoga towel in the back of my car for class, I will give it a good spray.  The result? – The Russian equivalent of “voila”.


Now, it took some convincing to get this top secret out of my sister. After some undisclosed sibling torture methods held over from childhood, she caved. Here is the top-secret ingredient list for THE RUSSIAN SOLUTION


½ cup Vodka

½ cup water

 I know it is complicated…..I will repeat it. VODKA and WATER in a SPRAY BOTTLE….MIX WELL.

You can thank me later!

Russian Solution can be used for anything! Hockey bags to riding helmets, running shoes to baseball hats. Give it a whirl! 


Share below if you try out the RUSSIAN SOLUTION and let me know how it worked for you!

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A Final Bonus: A 1/4 cup of vinegar and borax during the wash cycle further seals the deal! 


Trouble getting motivated to workout in the mornings? Lay everything out the night before. Your clothes, shoes, water bottle, earphones, iPod. The process of getting things ready at night will start mentally preparing you for success getting out the door in the morning.