The Junk You Should Know Show Ep. 58: Kinesiology Taping at Home

Kinesiology Tape Tips

Dr. Heather Denniston welcomes special guest Dr. Stephen Chan to discuss kinesiology taping on episode 58 of The Junk You Should Know Show.

What is Kinesiology tape? (3:08)

Kinesio tape or kinesiology tape is an elastic based cotton tape that is used to promote targeting healing to injuries.

It helps support joints and muscles, while allowing fluid circulation to make the healing process more efficient.

Kinesiology Taping at Home

Brands (5:54)

With so many brands out there it’s important to know the general differences between them. A higher price point will likely indicate a better quality product, it’ll last longer as far as adhesiveness and durability.

However, even lower priced tapes that you find in your drug or grocery store can still be effective. These products may not last as long, maybe 3-5 days, but they are still useful to address bruising, swelling, or other injuries.

Types of Tape (7:12)

There are three different types of Kinesiology tapes on the market today -pre-cut, pre-shaped, and rolls.

Dr. Chan prefers the rolls so that you can customize the shape to your own body. He also recommends the pre-cut strips for convenience, especially if carrying scissors may not be an option.

Ultimately, the right type of tape depends on the complexity of the injury and the goal you’re trying to achieve. Use what works best for that specific case.

Tips for Kinesiology Taping at Home (10:27)

For bruising and swelling, apply a strip of tape over the affected area with a little bit of stretch or tautness. This allows the tape to pull the tissue upward, allowing fluid to flow underneath.

Preparing the Skin

  • To get the most effective taping, make sure your skin is clean and dry prior to application.
  • If you have a lot of hair on the affected area, it’s best to shave or remove the hair so the tape can stick properly.
  • Do not apply kinesiology tape to an area that has any open wounds or rashes. This will just irritate the tissue further.
  • For oily skin, you can use alcohol to wipe the application area.

Applying the Kinesio Tape (13:30)

  • Depending on the part of the body, apply the kinesiology tape above and below the targeted area.
  • To avoid crimps and folds in the tape, start applying the tape from one end slowly unrolling with as much stretch needed.
  • Use no stretch in the first and last 2-inches of the tape.
  • Watch the full episode to see Dr. Chan apply the tape as recommended.
  • Avoid the armpit, the front of the elbow, and back of the knee.
  • Cut the corners for a rounded edge to avoid the tape from peeling up.

Removing the Kinesio Tape (30:10)

  • Peel the tape off the skin in the direction that your hair naturally grows to avoid pulling hair out.
  • Lift off the tape at a steeper angle horizontal to the skin to prevent unnecessary pulling of the tissue.
  • If you’re having trouble removing the tape, use baby oil to soak the tape to breakdown the adhesive.
  • Allow the tape to dry if you’re removing it after a bath or shower.

Additional Info:

As always talk to your doctor prior to taping to ensure you’re getting the appropriate care you need for your injuries.

For more information about Dr. Stephen Chan please head over to his Facebook page – Strategic Health Chiropractic or website.


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Learn quick tips on how to apply kinesiology tape at home

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