Commitment: Lessons Learned From A Couple Who Got Married Everyday

A few years ago there was a charming couple in my practice. They had married late in life. She and her husband had met, fallen in love, and done what many of us do, exchange rings as a commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Only, they did it ten times, ten different ceremonies, ten different sets of rings.

Every morning, having taken off their rings the night before, they would stand in front of a small bowl they keep by the door and take a few moments to carefully select one of the rings and place it on their love’s finger. Nothing special was said. It was a simple gesture to say “our marriage is paramount and I choose you again today” It was their way of committing their minds toward each other and not letting life get in the way of what was important to them.

What do we commit to as we leave the house for the day? Do we do the obstacle course of shoes, keys, breakfast bar, and briefcase or is there a conscious moment we set an intention? What if we looked in the mirror for a full 10 seconds and committed to something specific for the next 12 hours.

“Today I commit to making choices that nurture good health. I commit to choosing things that are important to do, not have to do. I commit to being mindful about my actions and words and I commit to choosing kindness first.”

The ring sliding on a finger, morning after morning, symbolized the importance of the commitment of marriage. The action likely had an impact toward a stronger bond. Could a moment of conscious commitment at the beginning of your day, toward something meaningful to you, have the same effect? Twenty wedding rings would suggest yes.

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