15 Fabulous Natural Toiletries for Your TSA Approved Bag

15 Fabulous Natural Options for Filling your TSA Liquids Bag

I am going to share with you natural toiletries to throw in your wee travel bag.

Many years ago TSA made bringing key toiletries on board tricky, to say the least. Little 1-3 ounce containers in a Ziploc rendered it impossible for a girl to have all of her essentials available en route. Having traveled extensively in the last several years, I have streamlined loading that little baggie down to a fine science.

Natural toiletries perfect for travel

15 Fabulous Natural Toiletries Perfect for Your TSA Liquids Bag


This particular post is not for those who carry on all of their baggage. By the way, if you are a woman, and you can carry on all of your toileting essentials for your two-week trip to Belize in a small Ziploc, then you need to stop reading this post and go and receive your award. The rest of us can’t manage that feat even if our survival depended on it.

What I do know is that we ALL need a few things on board so when we land we don’t look like a dehydrated, parched and pruney 102-year-old.

I purchase the most natural products I can find, more often than not – Jane Iredale, Josie Maron, Laroche Posey, Lather,  and Mychelle are some of my “clean toileting product” favorites. Guess what? They come in small sizes (1-3 ounces, in fact), so you are going to learn about them today.

SPRAYS: It is no surprise to any reader that plane rides are as dehydrating as a day in the Sahara. We emerge from this metal tube parched and puckered. Face sprays can be incredibly handy and revitalizing. I love the Evian Spray and the more fragrant Bodyceuticals Organic Aloe Spray option, pictured here. I carry both and spritz periodically throughout the flight.


LIPS: Obviously you need a good balm and a good light color to apply after a long flight. Why not combine the two with Jane Iredale’s little tube of color balm. I am particularly picky about products I put on my lips because you end up eating half of it. (Yes, I am afraid you do.-READ HERE) If you are not willing to bite off the end of that Maybelline lipstick, chew it, and swallow it, then don’t even think about applying it to your lips. (I also have recently fallen in love with Hauschka Lip Care. It might also be one you want to try.)


TEETH: I found this cute little toothbrush at The Container Store. Perfect for a little mouth-refreshing brush after some salty nuts and champagne (or two) on your way to….who am I kidding, nuts and champagne should be standard issue whether your destination is Spokane or Santiago.


SUNSCREEN: I don’t wear any make-up on my face when I fly. (My foundation has a light sunscreen in it.) So when landing, having a handy sunblock is a must.  I always apply it after a little Evian Spritz. I Love this one! 


CLEANSER: These face wipes from Josie Maran are a dream. They come in this little packet and fit perfectly into my carry-on kit. My face always feels a little grimy after a long flight and using these are not only functional but a great wake-up. They are just as good as those warm face towels the folks wayyyyyyy up in first class get.


LOTION: An absolute MUST!! I get so dried out on the plane that I apply this lovely lotion from Lather at least a couple times per flight on any exposed skin. This particular body butter has a wonderful scent and is so thick it acts as a protective layer between you and that nasty recycled air.


HAND CREAM: My two favorites are Welda and Mychelle but sadly as of this post it appears MyChelle has stopped making this one. But the Weleda one is great! 


SANITIZER: I am not a big fan of sanitizer, particularly the nasty chemical-laden ones. First of all, sanitizer is no better than washing your hands well with soap and water. I don’t have time to go into it today but here is an article on what a load of crap using hand sanitizer is. Here is the only time I do recommend using it – IF YOU CAN’T GET TO SOAP AND WATER. Below is a natural sanitizer with no harmful ingredients.


EYE GEL: Our precious tender skin under our eyes need a little extra attention on flights. That delicate skin is the first to dehydrate and look tired and puffy after a long flight. I have LITERALLY been using this product for 27 years. It is THE BOMB!! Frankly the French have skin care figured out, so I trust this Laroche Posey brand for everything from sunscreen to toner. “Hydrophase” is the one thing you have to have in your little kit.


IMMUNITY: There are a few fun options for extra immunity while flying. I recommend starting to take extra immunity and a good probiotic a week before big trips, but EmergenC  (or also this Ener-C brand) is a go-to during the flight because they are readily available and pack easily. They do have a little sucrose in them, so they are not completely free of sugar. There are products out there that are even more natural so you can check those out if you prefer. Just remember to take something!


THE BAG: Found this little dandy at Sephora recently. It is thick and sturdy and zips up nicely. They run about five bucks at the check-out area, and sometimes they give them out for free if you buy a certain amount of product. Because I stuff mine so full, they have been fantastic for me.


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If you travel regularly, then this week I challenge you to hit your local natural grocery/supplement store and see what kind of goodies they might have for you to pack in your carry-on toiletries kit. Also, a little tip, I keep mine packed at all times, so I don’t have to go searching for these essentials last minute.



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15 Fabulous Natural Toiletries for Filling your TSA Liquids Bag


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    1. It has been years of trial and error of figuring out the best ones to carry on! Thanks for the comment Rachel!

  1. I’m saving this post! We are going to St. Lucia for our honeymoon in April and neither one of us has flown. We have no idea how or what to pack!

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