I realize Valentine’s Day is largely a “Hallmark Holiday” and that we should actually show our loved ones “love” EVERY day of the year. But my Love Language is “gifts” so if there is one more day on the calendar that I might have the opportunity to receive one, I will take it. I thought that perhaps, some of my readers might feel the same way.Your partner is an easy “email forward” away, and this list is a unique curation of gifts that are actually healthier options then the red, heart-shaped box at the checkout. Feel at liberty to star your favorites and send it on.




  1. A RUB: I know I risk being captain obvious here. But what about a twist on the traditional massage gift certificate. Consider a Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone or WATSU.
  2. DEPRIVATION: I received a gift card for a sensory deprivation tank experience recently, and I am super excited to try it. A tank full of nothingness – no deadlines, no kids, no house to clean. No stress for one hour. It sounds tremendous! Here is the one in Seattle.
  3. READING: I adored each of these books. They impacted me deeply. They might just be a super choice for your love.
    1. Griffin And Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence – Nick Bantock
    2. Feather To Fire: Ashes to Snow – Gregory Colbert
    3. The Alchemist – Paul Coehlo
  4. PURPOSE: I ordered a “My Intent” bracelet this year for my word of the year, but you might consider having “love,” “treasure”, or “Forever” printed on one as a love token to your wonderful person. Or maybe your partner has a word of the year, and you could surprise them with their word printed on these delightful bracelets.
  5. DARK INDULGENCE: I recently tried delicious  Honey Mamas Chocolate. It is a raw, paleo, whole food solution for chocolate. Super rich and delicious. My favorite flavor is the Rose. It literally has rose petals in it! Another favorite of mine will meet two needs for gifting. Homemade and delicious. Here are my Chocolate Antioxidant Bites that are a huge hit and take only minutes to make! 
  6. A HAPPY STOMACH: Paleo Life Snacks offers monthly box delivery of delicious paleo snacks for your loved one. The gift that keeps on giving!
  7. RESCUE: If you and your lover have been toying with getting a pet and you have discussed in detail the responsibility of pet ownership then what better way to spend your V-Day gift allowance then giving love to a wee, four-legged friend who is so in need. Make it a date day “Brunch and a Bulldog!” (NEVER SURPRIZE SOMEONE WITH THE GIFT OF A PET.)
  8. LIVING LOVE: Flowers are so last year. Consider a living, breathing plant that can continue to be loved year after year. A beautiful pot and a lovely bow and you have a fabulous gift for a friend. 
  9. SOMETHING SMELLY: Essential oils are perfect. A pretty diffuser given with one or all of these healthy and healing blends would be a fantastic gift. (“Serenity,” “On Guard,” “Motivate”, and “Citrus Bliss.”- are great choices from Doterra oils.)  A gorgeous, aromatic gift that will last a very long time. Click HERE to get more information or email me if you have any questions about essential oils.
  10. A ROLL AROUND: A foam roller is like a free (very deep tissue) massage available at all times. The foam roller is a Godsend, and it makes a unique gift that shows you care about your loved one’s joints and muscles. This is my favorite Foam Roller.
  11. A BETTER BATH: Teal’s Bath Salts are the best bath salts. They make your whole house smell divine, and they are very therapeutic. I sleep much better if I use them before bed. Also, you can make them into a luscious body scrub by adding a little avocado or olive oil and making them into a paste.
  12. ELATION: Bacon of the month club. ‘Nuff said. 
  13. WARM FEET: I have been using Mahabis Slippers for three months now. I love them. They take some time to ship because they come from Europe, but they are worth the investment!
  14. THANKFUL SKIN: Many of us use Beauty care products with questionable ingredients. Purchasing a line-up of healthy, organic, guilt-free ingredient containing skin products is a great way to feel really confident with the quality of product you are using. Here are three companies I think are very reputable. Hushka, MyChelle, Skin 2 Skin.

What are your healthy gift ideas for Valentine’s? I would love to know. Please share in the comments section below.



Valentine’s is not just about lovers it is about people you love. I challenge you this week to consider a few people you might shower with extra love on Valentine’s; an elderly church member, a close girlfriend or perhaps a needy stranger? They will be lit up by your attention, and that positive hormone dump will make THEM healthier! Way to go!


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