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Everything I come across on social networks on the subject of anxiety has thousands of views and hundreds of comments. That is discouraging. The fact that so many resonate with the subject of anxiety is a statement. “We are a suffering culture.” We can argue the whys: We schedule too tightly and expect too much. We do not permit a sliver of margin or space in our personal or professional world.

But instead of spending time looking at what got us here, let’s look at some resources to help address anxiety.

Like, right now.
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BREATHING: In this article “Breathing Your Way Out Of Anxiety” the author outlines some excellent breathing techniques to calm the heavy tide of an anxiety attack. Focusing on a physiologic act, like breathing, pulls us out of the spiraling thoughts in our head to the rhythmic cadences of our body. Breathing techniques may be one of the most effective treatments for anxiety in the moment.

EXTERNALIZING: Taking the thoughts physically from your mind and putting them somewhere else may seem like a silly tactic to some, but there is something to it. The Worry Jar concept, as an example of externalizing, is a very old technique that I remember my mother referring to. Anxious thoughts take on perspective when pulled from the confines of our minds.

TOUCHING: This article on “26 Ways To Deal With Anxiety goes through many anxiety-attacking methods, but the one I love the most is “touching.” This can be viewed in several ways. Place your palms on something cool, or rub a worry stone or hug someone are all form of touch that can effect change immediately in an attack.

SHAKE: This article discusses how when animals come out of a stressful situation they do not sit down, lie down or talk about their problems, they shake, and quite often, violently. This body reaction rids the being of tension like nothing else quite can. So in an attack, dance, shake, and wiggle.

REFLEXOLOGY: My husband and I have a lovely reflexologist right across the street from our house. Janelle’s ability to decrease tension in the body in a matter of minutes by simply placing her hands on feet is nothing short of miraculous! There are points you can learn yourself, to apply in the moment of an anxiety attack. So if you can get to your feet in the middle of an attack, reflexology, might just release the panic button. I also find rolling a tennis ball or lacrosse ball under my feet when I am stressed can be very helpful as well. I am sure I must be hitting some of the key reflexology points! 

 MAGNESIUM: Magnesium has dozens of health properties advantages to the human form! But one of the most celebrated is magnesium’s effect on muscle tension. Tension begets tension, so if we can release at the source of the muscle and cause a systemic relaxation response throughout the body you can say goodbye to anxiety. Magnesium also helps you sleep and good quality sleep is anxiety’s nemesis!

READ this article on the types of MAGNESIUM you should be taking. 

SUNLIGHT: I live part time in Arizona. I am telling you, people are happier there and I know why. Sunlight. Between the injection of Vitamin D you get from the sun and the overall light therapy sunlight is one of the best treatments for anxiety. 

YOGA: There is a reason Yoga enthusiasts tout calming benefits to their practice. Stretching in a deep, methodical way triggers a relaxation response to the muscles and release of happy hormones from the brain. These simple postures for anxiety are excellent “in the moment” moves you can apply to the spiraling tension of mind and body.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Most people are aware that lavender is an excellent essential oil for relaxation, but there are many that can impact mood, tension relaxation and stress. Here is a post by Dr. Axe on the best essential oils for stress. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils effect on stress, I am happy to consult with you.

TECHNOLOGY: If you are feeling an anxiety response coming on get away from your phone, tablet, or computer. Take 30 minutes to one-hour completely apart from any signal or screen. I could go into all the scientific data on the subject but I we could be here for hours. Just know that anything with a signal has the potential to create stress hormone response, which is the equivalent of throwing gas on fire. Just step away.

MUSIC: No one can argue music influences our mood. Just watch a heartbroken teenage girl searching Itunes for that perfect break-up song. Music has a huge impact deep, deep, deep, to our core. Anyone who suffers anxiety should have a calming playlist, readily available on their phone. A playlist with songs they have personally selected that causes them to feel calm or happy.

COUNTING: As an anxiety sufferer I have to say this method has been one of the most effective techniques to calm my anxiety in the moment. There are lots of ways you can apply what I call “Anxiety Math,” but I like to follow the method that goes like this. Look around your surroundings. Count five of one thing (buildings, leaves, people), count slowly focusing on each item individually. Then count four of something different (cars, storefronts, dogs), then count three of something, two of something and one of something. Breathe deeply while you are going through the process and try to go slowly. Crazy how well this works.



 This week try one of the above methods. Even if you don’t suffer clinical anxiety, we all get stressed now and then. Apply the method consistently like a discipline. Once you have one way committed, try another one. Have four anxiety attacks approaches ready and practiced for when anxiety hits.


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12 Right Now Cures For Anxiety


33 Responses

    1. I know. But I think they more we practice it can become automatic. I do the counting thing now without even thinking about it.

  1. I’ve really got to try magnesium! I’ve seen multiple good things about it! My anxiety isn’t as bad as it was, but every little bit helps!

  2. This is right on time for me. I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety and it’s so nice to read about some things that really work. It’s also cool to see that somethings that work for me also work for others (like sunlight).


  3. These are all really great tips! I will have to look more into magnesium. Some of the methods that have worked well for me, most that you listed, include: breathing, rubbing my opal necklace that I always wear, dabbing lavender essential oil behind my ears, and singing along to music.

    1. Those are some great ones. You made me realize I do the necklace rubbing thing to. I had never realized it.

    1. It is crazy, isn’t it! I also love the compression technique where you squeeze joints like elbows, wrists, and ankles. It triggers proprioception which creates healthy happy hormone dump. t is so cool!

    1. Music is so helpful, right Greta! I have special playlists for the plane to tune everyone out. 🙂

  4. breathing, sunlight and counting are my biggest. That said I hate winter, when I can’t find the sun!! I am thinking of getting a sun lamp for this reason! Great tips!!

  5. I would like to challenge the premise that it’s preferable to look at dealing with the effects of anxiety instead of addressing the root causes. Isn’t that why we look at diet and exercise in regards to health and weight issues? Why DO we over schedule and have so little margin? And how can we change that? How can we know we are only doing the things we must do and are called to do? How do we differentiate between things that really matter and things that threaten to consume us for no purpose? What’s possible and what’s impossible? These are also questions to ask when in the midst of anxiety, I think. Where do we go for comfort and relief? Are those avenues healthy? The ones suggested here certainly are. Counting trees…or counting blessings…
    Dr. Heather, I’m sending you a link to a poetically-written and profound article that I just read today with a different perspective. Funny that both of these came to my inbox in the same day.

    1. Thank you so much for the article! I am looking forward to reading it. I really appreciate your viewpoint. It is so true. We spend a lot of time culturally treating symptoms instead of looking at the cause. It is essential we identify what is going on for us that is causing these bodily responses. In Richard Swensons book “MARGIN: Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves To Overloaded Lives” he writes a lot about what you are saying. Such a great resource! Thank you for your thoughtful comment and the article!

    1. Yes! Sometimes just getting up and changing what you are doing is an excellent way to stop the trigger.

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