Year after year we jump on the January bandwagon to set life-changing goals. But, why do the majority of resolutions fail?

On episode 52 of The Junk You Should Know Show, Dr. Heather Denniston welcomes Linda Fogg-Phillips to address the issues of resolutions and how to be more successful with Tiny Habits.



#1 Resolution Failure Factor

Resolutions are contingent on willpower, which isn’t sustainable. (5:36) Long-term success requires more than that, yet we return to the resolution strategy time after time. 

Resolution Failure to Tiny Habit Success (6:10)

Make sure you watch the whole episode to get a full explanation of the Tiny Habit Method. Finally, an option that doesn’t rely on sheer willpower.

What are the 3 components of Tiny Habits Method?

Anchor Moment (Trigger) – an existing routine that we can attach a new behavior to.

Tiny Behavior – an action that takes 30 seconds or less to complete. 

Instant Celebration– an emotion that’s attached to the new behavior. There’s an actual biochemical response from our body, that creates that “feel good” feeling.

What is the most important component? (10:47)

The “secret sauce” to the Tiny Habits Method is component #3 Instant Celebration. Yet, it’s also the hardest to grasp for most because so many people overthink this step. 

It doesn’t have to be too complicated. A simple “YAY, me!” or “way to go” may be all you need.

Why are Tiny Habits more effective?

Smaller changes are more actionable and measurable, which in turn become more sustainable over time. Factoring in motivation, ability, and prompts as “ingredients”– Tiny Habits accounts for the ideal “recipe” to create new behaviors.

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