Did you miss The Junk You Should Know Show’s episode 45, “When You Fall, Are You Ready?”

At first glimpse you immediately think it must have to do with fall risks, literally. But…hold on tight. Although it was one of the shorter episodes, it was packed with such a powerful message. 

Let’s face it, we are all going to fall figuratively and literally. Every single one of us. Are we ready for those events especially when they usually happen unexpectedly. The reality is we can’t prevent a fall 100% of the time, but we can prepare ourselves to process, manage, and heal from the effects of falling.

When You Fall, Are You Ready?

We don’t want to give away too much but at the 3:09 mark of the episode, Dr. Denniston shares an amazing story of a patient named Jerry. So make sure you stop and really listen. Jerry’s fall could’ve resulted in a much different story had he not been mentally and physically prepared.

When You Fall…

Falls can truly be any challenge that we run into in life that derail us a bit or a lot. 

Challenges come in different measures – physical, mental, emotional. And they can show up small or big, but how we show up in the particular situation says everything about how we’re going to get through it. – Dr. Heather Denniston (7:16)


How can we prepare if we literally fall, misstep, or face physical challenges? Building our agility, strength, cognitive recognition, and reaction time can make a huge difference. 

At the 8:09 mark of the episode, Dr. Denniston shares her own very personal experience. By maintaining those same elements like agility and strength, she was able to help her own mother as well. This gave her something priceless…time. It provided moments between her and her mother that are irreplaceable. 


Stress and emotional falls hit every single one of us. Just like physical challenges they can stem from large or small issues. How can we use these issues to prepare throughout the years? By evaluating our response and reactions during these falls, we can learn and develop healthier, more positive methods to process through the stress. We can equip ourselves so we can face other issues with a stronger foundation.

Before You Fall…


By building a supportive community and a wealth of resources before we fall we grow a safe strong root to reach out for stability. Our community and resource base becomes our safety net. 

Ultimately, functional preparation through physical, mental, and emotional training can make those falls less traumatic. So, take time for yourself and create a plan and prepare.

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When You Fall Are You Ready?