Dr. Heli McPhie joined Dr. Heather Denniston on episode 46 of The Junk You Should Know Show. When it comes to our health, what is the importance of community? Think about the quote below as you watch this episode that aired on November 16, 2018.

“Isolation can have huge impacts on wellness similar to starvation and dehydration.” 

The Essence and Importance of Community

Don’t miss these key points about isolation, community, and overall wellness in this episode.

  • The stigma of loneliness (2:24)
  • The science behind the importance of real-life connections (4:28)
  • Understanding that community is as vital as nutrition and hydration (7:00)
  • Just like subjective loneliness, perceived loneliness can be just detrimental (9:00)
  • What kind of trends are doctors noticing that indicate that social isolation is becoming an epidemic? (10:39)
  • How does the lack of social interaction cause cognitive decline? (11:55)
  • What happens to our brains when we are isolated too long? (15:16)
  • So how is loneliness truly affecting our health? (17:38)
  • Are there specific signs we should be watching out for to help our loved ones who may be suffering from loneliness? (18:51)
  • Practical tips to address loneliness (29:23)

“We are absolutely splendid together because of reason, communication, because of planning. We evolved to survive together.” – Dr. McPhie

What was your biggest takeaway from episode 46 of The Junk You Should Know show with Dr. Heli McPhie and Dr. Denniston? Knowing that you could make such an incredible impact not only emotionally, but physically, isn’t it worth stepping out? We hope you enjoyed this insightful episode!

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When it comes to our health, what is the importance of community?