Episode 22 of The Junk You Should Know show was one of the most popular episodes, focusing on improving restfulness through sleep hacks. Christine Hansen, an international sleep expert, joined Dr. Heather Denniston to help those with mild to serious sleep issues.

Christine Hansen, the author of “Sleep Like a Boss,” shares tons of tools and hacks that will help you improve your sleep quality.  Why is this so important? 

“Nutrition and fitness experts alike all agree, if you don’t have your sleep intact – STOP EVERYTHING! That has to be the #1 thing you address…” – Dr. Denniston 

Sleep Hacks with International Sleep Expert, Christine Hansen 

Don’t miss these key points about sleep hacks and tools to help you build a strong healthy foundation:

  • What are the main causes of poor sleep hygiene?  (9:45)
  • How does nutrition play a role? (13:08)
  • What are some practical key sleep hacks and tips? (17:08)
  • What is a healthy sleep cycle? (22:40)

“We are the only mammals that restrict our sleep.” – Christine Hansen

What was your biggest takeaway from episode 22 of The Junk You Should Know show with Christine Hansen and Dr. Denniston? If you’ve implemented any of these tips, share your results in the comments below.

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