Did you know that Dr. Laura Foster was the first guest on The Junk You Should Know Show? We’re revisiting episode 1 because Dr. Denniston and Dr. Foster talked about some amazing kitchen tools and tips that will make cooking simpler.

Finding the right kitchen tools and tricks can truly reduce the overwhelm of home cooking. So make sure you watch the full episode to catch all their favorite tips and tools!

Kitchen Tools That Rule with Dr. Laura Foster

It’s hard to get anything done the right way when we don’t have the correct tools. That’s no different with cooking! Here’s a quick list of tips and kitchen tools they shared on the show.

Dr. Foster’s Meal Prepping and Cooking Tips 

Tip #1: Use a chef’s knife and make sure to sharpen it regularly. Nothing makes meal prepping more difficult than a dull knife.

Tip #2: Get a good quality titanium peeler. It’ll make food prepping so much easier especially if you use a ton of root veggies in your meals.

Tip #3: Make small grating tasks easier with a smaller grater. No need to pull out the huge bell grater when you only need small portions to garnish or zest.

Tip #4: Always have multiple cutting boards! Having one meat cutting board and one vegetable/fruit cutting board is so important. 

Tip #5: Size does matter! When you have quite a bit of chopping to do have a larger cutting board on hand. It gives you more working space so you can save yourself the time of clearing your working area multiple times as you prep.

Dr. Foster’s Kitchen Tools and Meal Prepping Products You Should Have 

Tip #6: Stainless steel thermoses! Whether you’re using it for beverages or meals, don’t forget about these. No more using microwaves to re-heat your food. 

Tip #7: Mason jars for the win. They don’t change the flavor of your food and are so much safer than plastic food storage alternatives. (Glass food storage for meal prepping.)

Tip #8: White plates? Yes! The color contrast of your food on a white plate makes it visually more appetizing. Our relationship with food is more important than most realize. (15:54)

Tip #9: Use smaller plates for portion control. This will help trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more when you really don’t need to be.

Tip #10: Use an indoor infrared grillYou can enjoy grilled foods all year round without worrying about unhealthy charred meats.

Dr. Denniston’s Kitchen Tools and Time Saving Tips

Tip #11: A good cast iron skillet with a cast iron skillet cover can cook both sides cutting your cooking time in half!

Tip #12: Use a mini food chopper to save you tons of time in the kitchen as you prep your meals.

Tip #13: Invest in a really good blender. It can make a huge difference in making great smoothies and blending ingredients for meal prepping.

Tip #14: Get a spiralizer to make veggie noodles. You’ll not only save money not buying the pre-cut veggies, but it’ll make spiralizing a breeze.

Tip #15: Herb choppers make incorporating fresh herbs a breeze. Chop herbs evenly and quickly!

Tip #16: Slice and chop with a mandolineFood prep is so easy when you can slice and chop in seconds.

Tip #17: Use a martini shaker to make salad dressings. This kitchen hack makes creating your own salad dressing so much easier.


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Dr. Laura Foster Kitchen Tools That Rule