Another great episode of The Junk You Should Know Show aired July 13, 2018. This episode featured 5 fitness hacks for women over 40. Dr. Heather Denniston shared these little secrets that every woman should know to make their workout more efficient and more importantly effective. After all, if you’re going to invest the time and effort, you absolutely want to make sure you get the best results.

First, why do we run into issues once we reach our fabulous 40’s?

At the 2:21 point of the episode, Dr. Denniston addresses how weight loss, maintaining muscle mass, stabilizing cortisol, balance, and cognition become issues during this stage of our lives. Here we learn why fitness endeavors should change to address these challenges. Make sure to check out the replay to find out more.

5 Fitness Hacks for Women Over Forty

So what are these fitness hacks for women?


Intervals are a cycle of hard work and low to no work. Each interval would most likely be a minute or less. For example, 30-seconds of running in place and 30-seconds of rest.

Dr. Denniston admittedly loves intervals because they make exercise efficient by maximizing effectiveness in minimal doses. They not only make workouts fun, but also makes them quicker.

Some of the interval types of workouts she mentions are:

  • HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training
  • TABATA – 20 second/10 second rest
  • AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible
  • EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute


We start to lose our balance as we crossover into our 40’s. Our core is actually the fastest weakening muscle groups in our body.

By working to maintain our balance, we also help our cognitive functions and core strength. Find ways to incorporate balance training during your regular workout.

At 11:49 of the video, Dr. Denniston explains how our core/balance issues can also affect our backs. She also provides a fun way to tighten our tummies. You have to check out the “Shush” method!


Sadly, this is another ability we start to lose rapidly once we’re over 40. Dr. Denniston reminds us about the importance of working on our flexibility, especially how it can affect our quality of life in future decades.

One suggestion is to participate in at least one yoga, pilates, or stretch class per week. You can actually see benefits from just one session! (14:30) Find out what workout tool she finds is the best way to get intersegmental flexibility. Also, check out The Junk You Should Know Show episode that aired on 07/06. It’ll teach you the basics of how to properly use that workout tool.


Think of all the things you want to be able to do in the upcoming years. If you don’t practice functional movement, it may not happen. Practicing movements we do every day like pushing, pulling, lifting, etc. will train our bodies for life.

Find out some of Dr. Denniston’s suggested apps to help you functionally train at 17:35 in the video.

HACK #5 PROTEIN (18:01)

How many grams of protein per kg of body weight should women be getting per day? Dr. Denniston’s opinion is that the national recommendation is actually low at 0.8 g/kg body weight (NASM guidelines). Reviewing your meal and snack options can help you get more proteins and healthy fats.

As we age, transforming our workouts to fit our current needs is so important. So, make your workouts more efficient and get better results with all the hacks mentioned in this episode of The Junk You Should Know Show.

The Junk You Should Know Show Ep. 28 - Five Fitness Hacks for Women Over 40

This was recorded in a relaxing backwoods home, so the video quality isn’t the best, but you’ll definitely get a ton of information.

In case you missed the LIVE session, check out the replay here. What was your favorite wellness hack from this episode of The Junk You Should Know Show?

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Five Fitness Hacks For Women Over Forty