Pair a licensed massage therapist and an essential oil expert, and you get Erica Black. Episode 35 of The Junk You Should Know Show was filled with so much information about essential oil basics and tips. Below are some of the key points discussed in this episode, but you will want to watch the replay of the Facebook Live show so you can take your own notes. Dr. Heather Denniston’s interview with Erica on “Essential Oil Kindergarten” truly made the overwhelming topic easier to understand. 

Essential Oil Basics


What exactly is an essential oil? (2:39)

Essential oils are oils distilled, or cold pressed from plants. “It’s like the little pharmacy of the plant,” mentions Erica Black.

When it comes to essential oils, of what should we be aware? (4:21)

Inexpensive oils may not give you an accurate experience. Keep in mind that quality and grading can make a huge difference in an essential oils efficacy. 

Avoid skimping on purity. Take the time to research brands, so you know how the essential oils are processed. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when you know that you’re buying a product that can ultimately impact your balance of health and wellness.

You only need 1-2 drops when using high-quality essential oils.

Heat and oxygen will affect its effectiveness.

What are the primary uses of essential oils? (12:33)

There are three main ways to use oils:

  • Aromatic Use
  • Topical Use
  • Internal Use (Not all oils can be used internally)

What is the best way to store your essential oils? (29:03)

Keep your essential oils in a cool dark place. Some people prefer to store them in their refrigerators.

Erica Black’s must-have essential oils (33:32)

  1. On-Guard
  2. Lavender
  3. Peppermint

Other resources:

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Learn the basics of essential oils with Erica Black