You are going to love love LOVE this episode of The Junk You Should Know Show on bone broth basics and benefits! Anisa Woodall, a certified nutritionist, joins Dr. Heather Denniston on the 40th episode to answer common questions about bone broth. 

Bone Broth Basics and Benefits

Anisa was raised to appreciate nature and wellness, so as an adult she had a “strong desire to want to help people with foods.” For about seven years, she was practicing a vegetarian lifestyle because of her love for nature and the environment. However, health issues arose and her education in nutrition reminded Anisa to keep an open mind about dietary choices. As she transitioned back to iron-rich foods like bone marrow and liver, she realized that her mother had always encouraged her to chew on the bones too. 

Bone Broth Isn’t Just a Trend (4:18)

The benefits of bone broth have been known to many cultures across the world for centuries. From minerals to collagen, there are so many nutrients that help your own body when you incorporate it into your diet.

What’s Made Bone Broth So Popular? (6:35)

Put simply…the need for it. So many people suffer from digestive issues that people are looking for alternative solutions. Bone broth contains the nutrients like collagen, that’s needed to help repair the gut.

What are the Benefits of Bone Broth? (7:31)

There are 3 different amino acids that build up the collagen protein. Collagen is found in tissues like bones, skin, connective tissues, joints, and so much more. Since bone broth is a good source of collagen, it naturally helps restore your body. 

Can you imagine a protein that helps so many different areas of your body?!

Anisa’s Bone Broth Recipe & Basics (10:13)

First, check out Anisa Woodall’s Immune-boosting Bone Broth recipe. 

After refrigerating, don’t toss the layer of fat that sits on the top of your jar. This layer contains good fat and nutrients that you can use to saute vegetables or add to soups.

Reduce foods waste by using the scraps that you’d typically throw away like veggie scraps and bones. 

You can use a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or even a dutch oven to prepare your broth. 

At the 15:51 mark, find out how Anisa uses a whole chicken to create a number of meals.

Don’t overcook your bone broth because it loses its nutritional value.

How Do You Get More Collagen in Your Bone Broth? (19:40)

Think about where collagen is found. Areas like joins, skin, and nails (yes…nails) have higher concentrates of collagen. So making bone broth out of chicken feet provides a great source of collagen.

Get creative with not only flavoring your bone broth but also using it in other recipes.


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Learn more about the benefits of bone broth on this episode of The Junk You Should Know Show!