Heather Denniston DC CCWP

"Engaging, practical and hilarious..." is what audiences say about Dr. Denniston. Slinging wellness truth-bombs tied together in an undeniably approachable delivery, Dr. Heather is clearly passionate about helping audiences discover their "Wellness Why" and bridging the connection between wellness how they show up in the world. As a seasoned practitioner, personal trainer and certified Wellness Chiropractor, Dr. Heather brings decades of experience to the stage. She is also a published author and the producer of the "Junk You Should Know Show." She has presented her forward-thinking wellness strategy at conferences and elite companies such as Microsoft. Her signature program, The Wellness Amplifier Method, helps catalyze the connection between optimal wellness and an employee's productivity, effectiveness and success. 


Catalyzing Personal Wellness For Success, Productivity and Effectiveness

Wellness-packed practical content that attendees can implement immediately. With a focus on integration and simplicity, Dr. Denniston flicks the switch on complex issues of health and vitality in an over-stressed world. Microsoft loved this!  

  • Keynote or workshop adaptable  
  • Interactive and engaging 
  • Optional 20- page workbook for attendees 
  • Covers wellness strategy on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness 
  • Concrete wellness strategy end objectives

“I gained a lot of insights and key learning from the session on wellness that I took part in with Heather in October 2017. I found the method of linking the advice to my personal context very useful and helped me cement the knowledge in to my fitness and wellness journey. Since the course I now stand at my desk every morning and have started taking the key supplements. Heather is clearly a world-class leader in her field and along with her warm and friendly style this was the best session of its type I have ever participated in. Thank you, Dr. Heather!” 

– Paul H. HR. Microsoft 


Seeking and Defining Your Wellness Why A deep moving Wellness Why is the key to making wellness changes last in your life. But how do you find it? Walk with Dr. Heather as she guides you through the specific steps to find your Why statement, and how to make it effect change in the health ambitions you seek.  

PIP - Your Personal Improvement Plan – Why Every Wellness-Seeker needs One – We all need a support team. But defining and finding your wellness support team can be tricky. Find out the “Who should be on your team”, and the “How to find them” in this lively and interactive presentation.  

You’re Doing Something Far Worse Than Smoking – Sitting has far more devastating side effects than you realize. Find out the cognitive and physiologic effects long term sitting has on the body and mind and more importantly, simple strategies of how to right now reverse, correct and protect.  


"SNACKTASTIC" - Everything You Need to Know About the Healthy Snacking

"BRAVING" - The Evolution Of Trust in The Workplace 

"DISC" - Personality-Driven, Relationship-Building For The Workplace

Dr. Heather Denniston is an exceptional communicator, inspired story teller and engaging keynote speaker. She has the uncommon ability to be take the most complex of ideas and relate them to the listener in such a way that is relatable, relevant and humorous. As a consummate professional, her message embodies leadership, self-responsibility and the power of personal growth. In a world where everyone has a platform, Heather is a standout and I would highly recommend her as a speaker. 

- Dr. Laura Foster, DC


  • MICROSOFT - "Why Resolutions Don't Work and What To Do Instead" - December 2019
  • IN-SITE PROPERTIES - "BRAVING" - The Evolution Of Trust in The Workplace - NOVEMBER 2019
  • MAIN STREET PROPERTIES - "DISC" - Personality Driven Relationship-Building For The Workplace - OCTOBER 2019
  • HEALTHY WORKSITE SUMMIT - "Relationship-Based Wellness In The Workplace" - MAY 2019
  • KETO 101 SUMMIT – “Six Boosters For Your Paleo Or Keto Lifestyle” 2018 
  • MAIN STREET PROPERTIES – “You Are Doing Something Far Worse Than Smoking” 2018  
  • MICROSOFT – “Sepia-Toned life” 2017

"I've had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Denniston present in a professional setting. In describing her formidable presentation skills, words such as 'charismatic', 'clear', 'informative' and 'effective' immediately spring to mind. But the word that really emerges for me in describing Dr. Denniston's style and impact is: 'Powerful'. The passion, knowledge and empathy she brings to her audience unites in one powerful experience that lingers with the listener for a very long time."

 - Tony Butz


The Change Cave – An online membership geared toward high-achieving woman looking to integrate better wellness practices into their life. This program offers next-step health innovation for women employees  


 “The Junk You Should Know Show” A live, weekly show focusing on basics and burning questions of a wellness lifestyle. Dr. Denniston interviews leaders in the industry and provides practical and useful tips and strategies.


Wellness Strategist – Customized employee programming for small to mid-sized companies.  


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EMAIL: dennistondc@hotmail.com 

WEBSITE: https://www.wellfitandfed.com/ 

THE CHANGE CAVE: https://www.wellfitandfed.com/thechangecave