THE THREE DAY RESET Bundle: Book And Coaching


Do you want to get the most out of your THREE DAY RESET? Purchasing the bundle gives you a copy of the THREE DAY RESET with four resets worth of journaling pages, full recipe layouts, and prep instructions. You will also receive private access to a closed Facebook group for Resetters only! And finally, you will get three private 30-minute coaching calls with Dr. Denniston! This coaching package is a lovely add-on to the THREE DAY RESET book. Calls should occur on prep day, day two, and the day after you finish THE THREE DAY RESET. Ongoing coaching for the RESET is available at the regular “Best Life, By Design” Fees. Can’t wait to get started with you. 


Do you want to feel and look healthier than you ever have? Do you want a food plan that shows results quickly? The Three Day Reset is a whole food, organic eating plan geared to charge your metabolism, give you tons of energy and provide all the nutrients and vitamins you need.

Why should you do The Three Day Reset?

  • Lose weight and get lean
  • Move toward “healthy” with do-able non-extreme methods
  • Build habits that spill over into regular life
  • Watch symptoms like headache, bloating and brain fog clear
  • Celebrate less joint and muscle pain

 After 20 years of studying and coaching patients on various nutrition protocols, I realized many people have similar frustrations when it comes to eating right. People’s goals were consistent. They wanted “doable”, clean, non-extreme methods to address moving toward healthier eating practices and weight maintenance.

With these goals in mind and research from many sources, I developed The Three Day Reset, a gentle way to incorporate many of the best practices of the diverse programs I have found to be successful. The purpose of The Three Day Reset is to provide a framework through which we can start to build healthy food habits – habits that will spill over into our daily nutrition practices and will result in a significant investment toward long-term abundant life experience.

The Three Day Reset is not a diet. It is a transformational experience that will leave you refreshed and renewed.



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