2019 Health and Wellness Planning Live Event



A virtual live event, hosted on January 12th, at 2:00 PM PST. A live two-hour group Zoom call where we flesh out your personal plan for the new year. This event is an interactive, real-time planning workshop uncovering how to launch a 2019 health and wellness strategy that is reasonable, actionable and fun!

How do you pencil out a resolution into an actionable plan?

How do you plan out your fitness and movement for the year?

How do you decide on what goals to focus on first?

How do you set your 90-Day theme?

How do you decide on sleep, hydration, mindfulness or stress management as a focus?


* Tickler emails the week before to get you in the zone
* 2 ten- minute pre-event exercises to complete so you are well-prepared
* 2-hour (plus) live session with a group of like-minded wellness enthusiasts
* The opportunity to focus and plan out your wellness strategy
* Live workshopping opportunities during the event
* Peace of mind knowing you have a specific time to work on your strategy
* A complete plan by the close of the event
* An attendee-only discount code for The Change Cave registration


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