Rest Stop Workout Video Using Your Car!

This week’s blog was shot “on tour” as we forayed down the Pacific Coast Highway. As background, my husband knows I am an insane stress monster if I don’t get some sort of movement or exercise daily. Not having exercised, combined with being trapped in a small metal capsule for hours at a time, only brings out my less attractive attributes more acutely.

So I got to thinking. There are many folks who like to road trip. Often one’s “workout routine” suffers en route, and is sadly replaced with a bag of Funions and a Pepsi from the fill station: not a good recipe for maintaining optimal fitness levels.

Our exercise plans DO NOT need to suffer! We have a “built in” gym right in that big metal thing that carries you down the road -your car!

This rest stop workout video is just a snapshot of many exercises that could be performed by utilizing your vehicle. Bad news, though, no more excuses for not working out when you are traveling by car!

After watching the video, review these points.

  • Always engage your core no matter what exercise you are performing.
  • I like to repeat each exercise to fatigue. When you feel your muscles start to burn, perform a couple extra and call it good. Just keep challenging yourself to do more each time you repeat the exercise. (I like the number twenty to work toward – except for the Ab Crunches; they so completely suck you only have to do five or six).
  • Make sure to stretch well after exercising.
  • If you get injured, call your chiropractor! 
  • Intensify this routine by running or walking laps around your vehicle between exercises.
  • Make sure your valuables are locked away while you have your doors open!

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If you like creative workouts you will love this FREE “Create Your Own Stairs Circuit”. 



Inspire me! Next time you have a long road trip, how about planning a little Rest Stop Workout? You could even just run around the car or do Jumping Jacks. But more fun is to come up with ways to have your car be your gym! Send me any new exercises that you make up using your car!! I want to create a “part two” of the rest stop workout. Inspire me!


Get out there and have fun with this car workout video!



18 Responses

  1. Nice! Clever use of ceiling handles for the incline pull-ups. I’ve done Hindu squats and Hindu push-ups at rest stops on road trips before but nothing this elaborate. I’ll have to keep it in mind though I’ll need to figure out how to do it on a Harley.

    1. Thankyou! I am sure there is stuff one could do with a Harley. I expect to see a video of it soon! Hope you are well. 🙂

  2. I never thought about using my car as a workout tool–I love these suggestions though! I’m definitely trying this the next time I’m on a road trip. 🙂

    1. Thanks Chrissa! It will be great for that and because of the response I am definitely going to be doing part two and part Three!

    1. Ha ha! I am going to do more videos because once my brain started in on it now every time I look at a car all I see is “jungle gym”!!

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