Quick and Easy Workout Circuit In Central Park


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of exploring the deep innards of the famous, Central Park, in New York City. Other than having been warned that it smelled like pee, and it did, (but only at the west entrance), all I knew previously about the park was my database of  Central Park movie scenes.

The park is 848 acres and was opened in 1857. It historically  has had its ups and downs. It has been restored from depravity several times but there are many who still speak only of the rapes, murders and the vagrant problem in the park. My opinion was drastically different. Now, I was not there at 11 at night, but I have to say, I fell madly in love!


There are over 50 miles of trails throughout the park. I had no idea it would feel so huge! There is a Big Loop that follows the border of the park. It is six miles around and a haven for runners, walkers, bicyclists and inline skaters. It is closed to vehicles for the majority of the day so active folk have free reign of the roomy road. You can rent bikes at almost every entrance, which would be a fantastic way to see the park! There is everything from yoga to tango lessons going on at any one time. And, now, WELLFITandFED workout circuits! I know, super fun.

In the circuit video below I take you through one set of a “four-exercise circuit” including jumping jacks, jump lunges, push-ups with a leg extended, and step-ups. The idea is to do as many of each exercise as you can (10-20). But keep in mind, you are going to be repeating the circuit five times!

In between the circuits, the intention is for you to walk or run for 3-4 minutes. The whole workout is less then thirty minutes. The nice thing about these circuits are they are so flexible. Make them your own!

  • Do more reps of each exercise.
  • Modify, if your body is telling you to! (Do step-backs instead of jump lunges)
  • Change up the cardio. You can do skipping, running stairs, or something completely different for each cardio segment.
  • If you are just starting out, use the cardio segment as a rest period.
  • This should be fun, so just use the video as a framework and make the workout something that feels right to you.                 


Central Park Circuit WELLFITandFED

Watch outs: Always keep you core tight throughout all exercises. Do the exercises really slowly until you feel confident of your form. Make sure to stop if your body is REALLY telling you to, but NOT if it is simply whining. 

Central Park was a surreal place to take this video. When I am back in New York I will do a whole series there just so I can walk the park again. If you are ever in New York take the time to do The Loop. Gorgeous!



Missed the video link above? HERE it is again! 

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Let me know how the workout feels to you. Please leave comments and impressions below! 

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    1. Lara….first of all I am not deleting the previous comment I made to you, even though I really wanted too. A very good friend brought to my attention, over dinner, tonight that I had completely invalidated your compliment with my off hand remark about having a “wine gut”. They were right and I apologize. I am actually writing a post about self-deprecating humor right now and yet I find myself so guilty. A work in progress for sure! Making a comment to take attention off a compliment, or to make sure no one in the room feels like I think I am better than them is common for me and I think lots of women. Having someone draw it too my attention created a great opportunity to reflect! SO….. My actual response to your comment is “Thank you so much for saying so Lara. I appreciate your positive feedback! I really love working out!” Thanks for providing an opportunity to grow today!

  1. Incorporated this on my daily morning walk with my dog today. We stop at a cute little park in our neighborhood. While he is sniffing around, instead of sitting on a park bench, I am using the bench and getting a good workout! Thanks!

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