Quick And Easy, Full Body, Resistance Tubing Circuit Video

Recently, I blogged about some of the most underutilized tools in the gym. I have had several followers ask me about getting more information on the resistance bands I mentioned in that post. I thought I would throw together a quick video to demonstrate some of the basics for you. This is a circuit-style workout that you can do anywhere. This weekend I was at a chiropractic seminar called Cal Jam in Santa Ana, California. What better place to shoot a video then in the beautiful California sun, and yes I did skip out of a class to knock it out. 


  • It is important that the tubing has enough resistance to provide tension throughout the movement, and that you “fatigue the muscle,” within about 20 reps. What is “fatiguing the muscle?” Well, it is when you perform an exercise to the point that you get a burning, achy feeling in the areas that you are working (“fatiguing”). If you are not “fatiguing” after 20 to 30 reps, you do not have the initial tension of the tubing tight enough.
  • It is also important to refrain from moving too quickly through the movements. The nice thing about resistance bands is that they work the muscle through the entire movement. And, by going slowly, it provides a wonderful result of defining your musculature.

 This video workout consists of six exercises – 4 upper body and 2 lower body. For the sake of time, each exercise involves 20 reps, but I recommend that you try to aim for 30. If 30 reps are easy for you – tighten up the band significantly. After completing one cycle of each of the 6 exercises, rest for 30 seconds, and then, repeat the cycle. I encourage you to work up to 5 cycles. Keep your core engaged throughout the circuit.

Resistance Tubing - WELLFITandFED

 Resistance tubing is easy to come by. Click if you want to pick up some now!

 Enjoy the video, and please comment on any additional video themes that you would like to see!

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Quick And Easy, Full Body, Resistance Tubing Circuit Video



11 Responses

  1. Very useful! You make this &#!* look so easy! :))
    Are you wearing the “fabletics” clothing? Very cute!
    I am going to give this work out a whirl this morning!

    1. I am so grateful for feedback. Thank you! Let me know how the workout goes! And thank you so much for reading.

  2. I workout at home, and resistance bands would be a great at home workout tool, because they don’t take up space. I haven’t dug my band out in awhile. You’ve inspired me to incorporate it into my strength workouts!

  3. I love how you make it look so smooth and easy as breathing! Haha! I love using resistance bands. I started using them about five years ago. I remember feeling a little reluctant because I didn’t think it would really be effect, but how wrong I was! Thank you for giving a fresh work out for me to try!

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