Product Pimp – “Fabletics” – Fabulous Or Fraud?

I like a sassy workout outfit as much as the next gal, but I tend to wear through my sassy gear quickly because it typically ends up in a sweaty pile on my floor after coming home from the gym, instead of being directly deposited into the washing machine. So, I am always looking for a stellar deal on my fitness wardrobe, but I am super picky about fit and quality.

 I have resisted the whole Fabletics trend for some time because of my longtime assumption… Here it is. Any product that has to have a famous spokesperson endorse it makes me think “quality issues.” Why can’t the product sell itself? Now, don’t mistake me, I am in love with Kate Hudson, almost as much as I am in love with Jennifer Aniston, but when I saw that she was endorsing this new line I was a little suspicious. Is this just a pet peeve of mine?

  I got over my issues, and clicked around the Fabletics website anyways. It was easy to maneuver, had good aesthetics, and realistic models (with the exception of the inordinate amount of close-ups of Miss Hudson’s superhuman abdominals). I was impressed enough at the “first blush impression” of Fabletics to give it a go.

 For those who don’t know what the heck I am talking about Fabletics is an online company (apparently Kate Hudson’s company- eye roll.) The company offers affordable workout gear at prices significantly below LuLu Lemon, Athleta, and other higher priced fitness retailers. The idea is that you can cruise their site, and pick out outfits to purchase. The company has several options such as: buying straight off the site at retail prices (still below the “fancy schmancy” places), and a VIP membership.


 The company really encourages the VIP membership. This membership charges your credit card approximately $49 a month (to be put towards whatever outfit you would like to purchase). There is also the option of skipping one month, or several, by going into your account, and clicking “skip this month.” Of the Fabletics complaints that I read online, the semantics describing the VIP membership was the biggest beef. People were either upset about being forced into a “membership arrangement” in order to receive the discount, or they had a significantly difficult time cancelling their VIP memberships. Many of them actually shouted “FRAUD!” Check out this link on Pissed Consumer.

 Now, I get a little nervous with “online membership arrangements” because they are mostly lucrative to the company, or it wouldn’t design it that way. I’m that person, who will forget to pick out an outfit each month, and suddenly have a host of charges on my credit card. The good news is that Fabletics allows accumulated charges to be used as future clothing credits. I personally solved this problem by putting an additional alert on my phone for the day I should check/fill my “shopping cart” online.


I ended up signing up for the VIP membership because it promised that my first outfit would only be $25 (not quite true after taxes and shipping).

 After filling out a questionnaire that assured me that my answers would help them pick selectively and uniquely for me (based on activity, color preferences, and a host of other metrics I have no clue about), I scrolled through the outfit choices, and picked out my gear.

 I decided that I was going to branch out, and go a little crazy. I picked purple! Yes, purple long leggings, and a multi-colored, mostly purple top. What the hell had become of me – I know not? Purple for goodness sakes! (My drawer of all black capris and tops were suddenly concerned about job security!)

 Sign up was simple and friendly, and my outfit arrived within a few days.


 The packaging was footprint-friendly, and a little treat of mini TOM’s deodorant dropped out of the outer packaging as I opened it. (Are they trying to tell me something?) I quickly got down to evaluating the product. The leggings were very soft, and true to color from the website. They top felt well structured, and although maybe not the same quality I am used to with other companies, so far, not disappointing.

 The next morning I suited up, and headed off to the gym. It was early, so the audience was limited, but I am pretty sure I got quite a few “ganders” as I strolled through the gym on my way to the cardio equipment. Clearly, the “rockability” factor for Fabletics gear is high. I am also convinced that I worked out harder because my outfit was so cute. Photos do not do the outfit justice! – I looked amazeballs! 😉


After one wear, and one wash here are my thoughts:


  • Better quality then I thought for the price
  • Held up well to washing
  • Forces me to branch out, and try more interesting clothing combinations
  • Fit was excellent
  • Cuteness factor was high (see the above “gander” comment)


  • VIP membership is a deterrent for some
  • Quality is not Athleta
  • Shipping is pretty quick, but you do have to wait
  • Can’t try things on, so you may be faced with fussy returns

So, Fabulous or Fraud? – I say Fabulous! 

 As far as my Product Pimp rating scale goes: (1-I wouldn’t use this product as a doorstop to 10-I would stand on a street corner and yell about it.) This product is a solid 8. I am going to try it for a couple months, and see how the other outfits are, but for now I am recommending that you give Fabletics a try!


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 Have you tried “Fabletics?” If so, please share your experiences at WELLFITandFED.

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  1. Great post. I’ve been drawn to this line also, but have not ordered anything yet because of the ‘membership’. Maybe I will give it a try now.
    I am picky about the fit and function of my workout gear also. I stumbled upon this line a few months ago and bought a pair of the black ‘lifestyle leggings – whiteout’ at bnshapeclothing. I have worn them repeatedly – they feel amazing on, have a flattering fit, wash like a charm, and are totally affordable. The website was a bit frustrating (for me anyway) but worth the effort 🙂

    1. Yes, I completely agree. It’s funny…still “jury out” but I am still a member after many months. Something must be working. 🙂

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