Primal 7: Five Simple Moves To Boost Your Game

Primal 7: Five Simple Moves To Boost Your Game

all photos except the ones of me are credited to Primal 7

Here is the thing. Working out can be very boring. I mean like watching paint dry boring. Because of this conundrum, I am constantly inventing new ways to make fitness engaging and fun. I have written about kettle bells, HIIT and Tabata training but today I am going to share with you some exercises I have learned to do on a piece of equipment I refer to as my new “jungle gym.”

My new little “play place” is called the Primal 7



Primal 7

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First of all, green is my color jam so they had me at hello, but when I clicked through to their website, I was deeply impressed. This is a resistance trainer, yes, but it is so much more. With the addition of a thick rubber band between two hanging rings, there is the opportunity for an explosive amount of variation on traditional moves.

This piece of equipment is as comfortable in a “hard-core” cross fit gym, as it is being used for rehabilitation in a medical office. As I researched more, the Primal 7 is a Godsend for those rehabilitating their way back from minor injuries like a torn meniscus to severe injuries like paralysis, amputation or stroke. This is the stuff gets me excited because for those that are not moving or exercising because of pain, lack of mobility, scar tissue or flexibility issues, here is the solution to their problems. Some have said that the Primal 7 should be standard in every outpatient’s rehabilitation kit.

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The Primal 7 Details


The Name: Primal 7 is not just a name, it comes from the deep understanding that as humans we have seven different “primal movements” we need to be able to perform to function optimally: push, pull, squat, lunge, gait, twist, and hinge. The exercises designed for this unit are all based on the appropriate use of these movements.


The Set Up: When I opened the box I was a little overwhelmed. It was a little bigger than I had anticipated. But once I pulled it out it all easily fit into the “stuff” bag they provided, and set up was as easy as they claim. The quality of the materials on this unit is top notch. I could run over this thing with a truck, and it would not get damaged!


Customer Service: Customer service has been excellent. I also find that there is plenty of information on their website to answer the questions I had.

The Price: $199.00 – $399.00 depending on what extras you want to include. Most people would be fine with the $199.00 option and that is an excellent price.

You can do a bloody “muscle up” on this thing!

As I mentioned above, the experts at Primal 7 are committed to walking beside people who have been injured or disabled in some way. They work tirelessly to help them get their life back. There is a story about “Scotty” who had a severe heart attack and was partially disabled after he had died on the operating table three different times. He was able to give up his cane after three months of training with the Primal 7! Real tears people!

There are many other stories of people coming back from situations where they were told they would never have the ability to recover. Incredible stories here!

Let’s get down to the business of today. I have five exercises for you that are fantastic for core, endurance, and strength. You can go straight to the video below if you are a visual learner. But here is a short explanation

  • Resisted Runner: Running forward against resistance is an incredible endurance and strength training tool. My recommendation is to perform short, 20-second intervals, as fast and hard as you can. With this resistance band, it makes this easy to do.
  • Split Leg Resisted Lunge Jumps: By using the resistance band on the Primal 7 exercises that you can not or would not do without support suddenly become available to you. Get into a lunge position with the band around your waist. Jump and forward to get the pull of the band. Repeat 10 times per side. 
  • Elevated Inverse Plank Pull Up: I love exploring exercises with functional relevance. As we age, it becomes harder for us to get up from a lying down position. Practicing movements that preserve the ability to perform lifestyle tasks are essential for physical longevity. Try doing 2-4. They are hard! 
  • Resisted Squat Jumps: A regular unassisted squat jump focuses on leg strength. With the addition of resistance your balance becomes more engaged and your core has to contract in order not to be pulled backward. So in this exercise, you still get the leg benefit of the squat with an added core bonus. Perform ten at a time. 
  • Plank To Pike: This is a core burner for sure! Get into the regular plank position and pull in with your abs to bring toes to nose. Slower the better! Repeat ten times. 

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This week can you think of some ways to shake up your workout? Is there a piece of equipment at the gym that you are not sure how to use but have been wanting to try? Let me encourage you to ask someone or research, and then give it a go. It is great for the brain and the body to be physically challenged by new things.






I don’t make any recommendations to my followers without great consideration. I know I have your trust, and I do not take that gift lightly. You need to know that sometimes like this time, for instance, a  brand might offer me a free product so I can test and give an authentic opinion,  they may also reimburse me for the time it takes to write and develop a post about their product. Know that I would never recommend a brand because of compensation and that the views expressed here are my own. I will tell you if something is crap whether they pay me or not.


19 Responses

  1. WOW!! This is pretty neat! I haven’t seen this before but it looks like you can target a lot fo different muscles with it. I want to try to out now! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes. There are some added benefits and different things that you can’t do with TRX but both ag great products for sure.

    1. Way to go, girl! Make sure to wear a cute sport skirt while doing it! It makes the exercises easier somehow.

  2. Heather, I was diagnosed with CIDP, an auto immune condition in which your peripheral nerves are diminished or destroyed altogether, resulting in destruction of muscle.
    I was able to use Primal 7 to assist in losing 45 lbs of weight while gaining 10 lbs of muscle. This is all documented by test results and the Doctor who was working with me.
    Primal 7 has allowed me to strengthen the muscle I have that is still functioning, greatly offsetting the strength I have lost.
    I appreciate your suggestions on the 5 Simple Moves. I can add some of those to my routine.

    1. MIKEEEEE!! That is so awesome. You almost made me cry! I am so happy for your results and what a great testimony to other. Thank you for sharing your story. xo

  3. I’ve obese and looking for something to do at home that is easy on my knee. I have severe arthritis and want to lose weight as well as build strength. Do you know how much weight this will handle?

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