Who wants to get outside and get fit fast? Walking, running or stumbling up and down stairs is one of the most efficient and effective ways to burn fat and gain muscle. This summer I will be posting eight stairs workouts to shake up your weekly workout routine. It doesn’t matter if you are going from “couch to stairs” or “CrossFit to stairs” these workouts can be modified for your level.

Kick Your Own Heiny: Summer Stairs Workout One


The stairs my Poodles will be using locally are the stairs up behind Dick’s Sporting Goods in Issaquah, Washington. 137 heiny-kicking opportunities to get in shape. BUT, any stairs will do! Even if you have to use your stairs in your house, you can do this workout too. Simply calculate so that one round is at least 130 stairs. (If your stairs at home are 14 stairs then your first round would be nine up and downs) These workouts will be quick. We will start with about ten minutes and slowly move to a max of 20 minutes. Anyone has twenty minutes to spare! 

Stairs  Workout One

When performing a workout involving stairs remember: 

All “downs” are a gentle trot or walk. Do not “run” downstairs.

Use the railings when necessary

Go at your own pace

Don’t force yourself to complete your workout if you are struggling.

Listen to your body.

Gently push to keep going but don’t force. 

Gently push to keep going but don’t force. 

Let your breathing become heavy but not labored. 

Are you sweaty when you finish? If not, you need to work harder next time. 

Walk or stop between sets if you need to catch your breath. 


In workout one, we are just trying to “warm up” to the idea of climbing stairs. If you are a beginner, just perform one of each segment and if you are more advanced, challenge yourself to perform all three of each segment. Make sure that you stretch after each of our workouts. Drink plenty of water and be sure to “okay” the addition of a new exercise program with your doctor or chiropractor. 

Next week we are going to start to adopt some cross training into our stairs workout. Be prepared to do some push ups, squats hell, maybe a jumping jack or two. Be safe, work hard, have fun. 


Want to create your very own stairs circuit? Just add your email to the link below and I will send the secret-stairs-circuit-creating info right on over! 


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