The other day I missed an appointment with my most important client. I didn’t forget it I just blew it off. I didn’t even reschedule or call to say I wasn’t coming; I just didn’t show. I am pretty embarrassed about it actually. Who does that? Who just blows off a client or friend with no notice?

You probably would never do that. I know that you are savvy and value your clients and friends enough to treat them with respect. You would never consider just bailing on an appointment you had scheduled with them. The worst part in this particular example was that this appointment was crucial. Life-saving stuff, you know? Transformational things were likely going to occur during this meeting.

I know you are shaking your head right now. I am too.

What if I told you this most important client was me? And what if I added that that this appointment was going to take place at the gym, or perhaps outside on the side of a mountain? Would you feel different about this “most important client?”

Several things occur when you schedule an appointment with someone, be it a date with a close friend, or a meeting with an important business client. We log into some kind of schedule. We enter the information to secure the time. That set appointment notes to everyone, including you, that that time is spoken for. We also start subconsciously thinking about the appointment. We hold mental space for that time slot. It’s presence signals a “taking up” of some of our precious life-minutes!

If someone tries to book something over it, we say, “Oh, I am sorry, that time slot will not work, I am already committed.” Or “I have something else at that time I will not be able to make it.” We protect that appointment because it is that important.

What if we held space like that for fitness in our lives? What if at the beginning of the week you scheduled in your “non-negotiable” workouts in pen and made other arrangements when anyone or anything tried to schedule over them?

We need to treat our fitness time with the same respect and vigilance we offer other appointments. If we are inconsistent because of a failure to plan and enforce designated fitness times in our life we WILL be unfit and unhealthy. If we are unfit and unhealthy, we are useless to our friends, family, and colleagues.

So how do we make sure to get those fitness 

appointments in the schedule EVERY time?

  • Always schedule your fitness time first: Always have your fitness appointments with yourself three weeks out. Is it a yoga class, a weekly hike? Ensure success by scheduling them in first.
  • Make fitness a non-negotiable appointment: Always remember this special appointment is with your most important, your most lucrative and your most valuable client. YOU! Passionately commit to non-negotiable fitness appointments. You can shorten it if you need but do not miss it. If you fail to do this, some other viral opportunity WILL infect and take over.
  • Make fitness appointments consistent: If your coworkers know you are always “otherwise occupied” Mondays at ten, they will stop asking for that slot.
  • Make fitness time count: Don’t ever walk away from a workout endeavor feeling like you wasted your time. Make your time count with engaging, fun and meaningful fitness choices.
  • Make fitness something you love: If you had a meeting three times a week with a potential client and the meetings were showing no fruit, and you kinda despised the guy you were meeting with you would stop going. If that step class instructor is the equivalent of an annoying client, you will not continue to uphold the meeting. Find a fitness endeavor you enjoy!

Make fitness appointments first in your planner. Highlight them and write it in pen! These valuable meetings are a non-negotiable investment in your health and if you believe that you will consistently show up!


This Sunday look ahead to the next three weeks of your planner or calendar. Schedule your fitness time in and give it its own color. Make the appointment non-negotiable and show up even if you can only give the time block ten minutes of your time. Some fitness time is better than none! I know you have got this! Go get ‘em.


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