While visiting my sister last week, I headed out for a walk one morning. Although it was very cold, and fresh snow lay on the ground, it was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the fresh, crisp air. As I walked that morning, I passed a park. There were several moms standing in a circle, while their kids swung, climbed, jumped, and ran. The mothers held mugs of coffee, and the condensation from their gossip formed a cloud in the middle of their tightly knit huddle.

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I looked at the moms and thought to myself, “This is a great opportunity for these gals to stay warm and fit with a park workout. I almost walked over to them, and asked if they wanted to do a little outdoor workout with me on a very specialized piece of workout equipment, but then I realized that they would likely conclude that I was a bonafide lunatic. So, instead, I dragged my sister, with her broken arm, out into the Calgary tundra so that she could videotape a workout for my readers to watch. I hope you enjoy this winter circuit.

Let me know how it goes when you try it. Good Luck! 

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