You Need To Glow! – The Fluorescent Shoe Craze

You Need To Glow -The Fluorescent Shoe Craze - Ten neon trainers that are must-haves! WELLFITandFED

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I love a sparkly new workout outfit. Something about recently acquired fancy tights and a smartly fitted top make me want to lift heavier and run faster. In my lifetime, I have seen workout gear transition from gray sweatpants and your brother’s Led Zeppelin T-shirt, to slimming Capri tights with perky sports bras. And now there is color! Fitness garb has gone crazy with color – Fluorescent matching tops and shoe craze that can blow up Barre or perk up Pilates.

I love all the cool clothing that has hit the market but for me, it’s the shoes. I love unpredictable flashy neon footwear that gets noticed. I am not going to lie. I love wearing an all black ensemble with robust fluorescent statement shoes.

I know I am not alone. Many share my love for, particularly bright footwear. Colors like cotton candy, Lime soda, and traffic vest orange are among my favorites.

I know you are out there flashy shoe lovers. So, because I love you almost as much as brilliant footwear, I have curated a list of my top ten fluorescent shoes for working out.

Top Ten Fluorescent Shoes For Working Out! 

Neon Shoes 1



Heading to the court in these gorgeous “tennies” will give you an unfair blinding advantage. These light and airy Nike tennis shoes have taken color inspiration from the spiffy tennis ball. They are making a definite impact.




Neon Shoes 2 - Asics



Street savvy Asics GEL-Flashpoints can take you from Grocery to Barre class. They remind me of cotton candy! Pair these with black tights and top. They deserve their own stage.






Neon Shoes - 3 Vibrum

Vibram shoes are still present and accounted for. These shoes are practical for travel and working out on the go because they take up teeny space in your suitcase. I still have my first pair from ten years ago. If you are minimalist shoe lover, this is your choice, hands down.



Neon Shoes 4 - launch




“Rocket through your run” Brooks says about these new Launch Kaleidoscope running shoes. They are lightweight and have fabulous midfoot cushioning. They come in several crazy colors and have an excellent review history.





Neon Blog - 5 Soloman




I hiked up Half Dome in Yosemite National park in these gems. They are the perfect balance of stability and weight. The Soloman lacing system is easily adjusted mid-climb, and they slip on and off like a dream.




Neon Shoes - 6 Muzano




The reason I love this shoe is Mizuno always does a beautiful job of balancing weight and support. They air on the light side of many shoes but yet you never feel like you are missing out on that extra support as you pound the miles. And now they have jumped on the color bandwagon.


Neoon Shoe - 7 Skora




So who the heck are you Skora and why did I not know about you until now? Reviews are bulletproof; this shoe is fabulous.



Neon Shoes - 8 Sauceny




I love how Saucony maintains its retro vibe but catapults you into the future of shoes. I love this brand, and they have some beautiful color incorporating color options for your wild side.





Neon Blog - 9 Newton



 If I had a fantasy shoe, this would be it. Newton is the Latin lover of running shoes. Seriously, I drool just looking at the two-dimensional web-shot. Can’t wait to get my hands on these someday.





Neon Blog- Shoe Craft


Okay I totally snuck in a craft as my last shoe option. I DIY’d you!!! Ha ha! But seriously, this running shoe transformation is jaw dropping. I did not know about these Hickie laces, which are super cool. I will definitely be checking them out. Way to reutilize that old pair of runners you thought you were going to throw out.



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 So now you have many fluorescent shoe options to adorn your feet in a Disney-worthy rainbow of color. I would love to know what is your favorite! I want them all.



This week I want you to consider the last time you checked your shoes to see if they need to be replaced. Is there any wear on the heel, does the tread show wear and tear? Are you noticing any new joint pain? These are all signs that your shoes need to be replaced. Take a few minutes this week and order a pair to better support your fitness endeavors. Don’t leave it until there is an injury!



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photo credit: Newton

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  1. I’ve been wanting brightly-colored running shoes for a while, but the kind that are best for my feet don’t come in bright colors – so I switch the laces instead!

  2. When I started running again, I decided I wanted brightly colored shoes for two reasons: 1) They make me smile to wear them. 2) They are a lot more visible on the road to drivers…anything that will keep a car from not seeing me is a good thing.

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