Four Things For Travel Fitness You Should Never Be Without

Four Things For Travel Fitness You Never Want To Be Without

One of the reasons I left full-time chiropractic practice is because I wanted the freedom to travel more extensively. However, frequent travel can create havoc on your fitness and nutrition goals. I realized even if you don’t take dozens of trips a year you still should approach any travel, work OR play, with the mindset of “How do I stay on track with my healthy habits, not “It’s vacation, wahooooo, where is the bar!!” (Ok, you can do both.) In other words, how can you make travel fitness part of your itinerary?

My husband will tell you about yoga at the airport gate, stopping to stretch in a Portugal market, and cardio in a seedy stairwell in Tulum. I am serious about believing in the importance of staying moving while away from home. I have worked too hard for my fitness level to backslide over a ten-day trip to the keys.

Four Things For Travel Fitness You Should Never Be Without

I am heading into a crazy, end-of-year, travel extravaganza. As I prepare for six trips in the next ten weeks (Chicago, Spain, Mexico, Arizona, Calgary, Arizona) I started thinking about the fitness items I never leave home without. Of course, workout clothing (it packs small!) and a pair of good shoes (when pressed for space I have taken VIBRAMS), but I have also started taking a few additional essentials that I thought I would share with you.

Four Things For Travel Fitness You Never Want To Be Without.


RESISTANCE BANDS: I take one resistance band that is versatile in that I can use it for bicep curls and crab walks. A medium to lower tension is the best choice for packing in your suitcase. I love the brand that I have left you in the link. Their exceptionally well-priced kit comes with several tensions and great handles. There is no end to the number of moves you can do with these rubber wonders.

JUMP ROPE: No brainer. A jump rope can give you a fitness workout ANYWHERE. This one packs up small and can be used to get you heart rate up when you need to work off those Margaritas!

SLIDERS: If a core workout were small fries from McDonalds (where is this analogy going?) then using these sliders would be the SUPERSIZED version (This is not an OK to eat fries). This fires up your abs and back in minutes to a “core strengthening frenzy.” 

STRAVA APP: I know this isn’t exactly a “thing” but it is important! The Strava app can capture your workout anywhere you have a signal. This is good if you want to set some minimal goals. (IE. Run 2 miles ever day of vacation). It is kind of like a little accountability app.

BONUS: While we are on the subject of apps, if you are a gym, yoga or class person, being away from your peeps can stall out your fitness mojo. These three apps can keep you working out while away, and not sucking wind the first class back.

YOGA ANYTIME: So many classes and options. Seriously, this program is fantastic. Even if you are a beginner or a professional yogi, there are class options for you.

 BODYROCK TV:  High-Intensity Interval Workouts workouts that are short and to the point. She uses some equipment, but I improvise with soup cans or Water bottles.

SWERKIT: Another great app with lots of choices of what to do doing your workout and specific options for how long you want to workout.






One your next trip start by just taking the jump rope. Do one-minute jumping, then thirty-second body weight exercises like squats, lunges or push-ups, and then 30 seconds core (planks or sit-ups). Repeat this simple circuit 5-10 times and you have yourself a basic travel workout.



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  1. Great tips! Have a wonderful end-of-year travel extravaganza! (I guess I would need to pack a helmet, too, for those margarita-fueled jump rope sessions..) Miss you!

    1. Ha ha. I can always count on you, Amanda, to make me laugh. Helmut, jump rope and margarita. That IS a vision!

    1. I know. I think so too! I love having it along when it feels like there are no other options available.

    1. Good! I have not used it much but I have heard the die hards say it is fantastic! I am going to use it in Mexico this November.

    1. Yes, they can! I work really hard to make sure I don’t get to off track. it is too hard to recover once you get home.

    1. YESSS! They do! I love using those for sliders. 🙂 Glad we are on the same page. Great minds, right!

  2. Thank you so much for this! This is always something I struggle with when I travel- keeping up with my fitness routine. Love that all of these can be done in the comfort of your hotel room and with equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase. 🙂

  3. Jump rope = Brilliant! I love my jump rope (when I am not prego and can actually use it that is) and its so compact and easy to pack! I will absolutely be trying the accountability app too – I am the worst at entering vacation with the best of intentions and never following through! Now if you have any advice for surviving the holiday weight gain season in your third trimester… I am all ears 🙂

  4. Ooooh this is a great list. I definitely need a jump rope, since that alone would help me get my cardio in and I can do it while I watch some tv. Love this post as it’s getting me excited to do some working out this weekend! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. Guilty! It is so nice to know you have something you are going to be able to work with for exercise even in the middle of nowhere!

  5. I’ll have to check out those apps, as I haven’t heard of the first one before. I use the Nike workout app when I’m traveling and can’t get to my HIIT bootcamp classes, but I am always looking for more fitness apps. Thanks for the tips!

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