“Bingo Arm” Busting Workout: Six Moves To Shred Your Arms

Bingo Arm Busting Workout: Six Moves To Tone Your Arms WELLFITandFED

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My sister had a friend, Lisa, who was over one afternoon for brunch. As we drank mimosas, Lisa observed, “You girls…not a ‘BINGO ARM’ between you.”  She was looking at my sister Jenni, Cynthia and me as she shook her head. I had no idea what she meant. My sister later explained that Lisa was paying us a compliment. A “BINGO ARM” is a reference to certain senior ladies that play bingo. When one such senior lady happens to win, she might raise her arm and proclaim “BINGO!!”  With her arm raised and waving, you might notice a “flappy, hangy-downy” portion of her Triceps that flops back and forth as she celebrates her win. That Triceps wattle stems from a lack of tone in the arms. With arms that are strong and fit, “BINGO ARM” is far less likely.

It is important to keep arms toned and strong to avoid flip-floppy muscles. Lifting your suitcase into the overhead bin or hauling bags of garden soil can be a breeze if you stay fit.  With arms that are strong, you can proclaim, ” ‘BINGO ARM’ be gone!”  

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Below is my never before revealed arms workout. I thought of holding this secret all to myself, but I can’t. It is too good! I do this arms circuit at least once a week, (in addition to other workouts,) and I the results are stupendous! 


  1. Keep repetitions slow and controlled throughout every motion. 
  2. Use weights that are light enough you do not have to compromise form at any stage. 
  3. Bend your elbows just slightly at all times to engage the arm muscles. Do not rely on the shoulder or elbow joint for support.
  4. To increase challenge either increase the weight or the reps. 
  5. Try to perform this workout in the mirror. It is important to make sure your form is perfect. 

Bingo Arms Image 2


  1. Arm curl to overhead and then palms face forward. Your arms move out to the sides, as you slowly circle back down to the starting position. 
  2. Arm curl to overhead and then slowly, with backs of the palms to the mirror, circle down to starting with arms in front of your body. 
  3. Slow extensions back behind you with palms forward. Make sure to squeeze shoulder blades tight during this exercise. 
  4. Repeat exercise one but have palms face-up to the ceiling as you return to your starting position with the side circle.
  5. Repeat exercise two but have palms facing down as you return to your starting position. 
  6. Do 6-10 reps of each exercise. 
  7. Each full rep should be done to a minimum count of seven. (In other words, slow down.)
  8. You want your last reps to “burn,” but not hurt. 
  9. Keep your shoulder blades back and down, and your chin gently tucked like you are holding a grapefruit under your chin. 

That description even confused me! Watch the BINGO ARM BUSTING video. Way easier! 

Remember to keep all movements slow and controlled. That is the secret to this secret workout! Have fun and of course, be safe and always use caution when working out. 

How to super-size this workout! If you carry two buckets of water across a room, one in each hand, it is easier than hauling one. When the weight is unevenly distributed across your body, your core has to work much harder to stay balanced. If you want to challenge yourself with this workout, you could do one arm at a time, instead of two. You can also increase the difficulty level by standing on one leg. 




This week try this arms workout with very light weight to just get a sense of the movement. You will still get a tremendous benefit even if your weights are teeny tiny! This workout builds and I have found that my muscles can be a little sore the day after be conservative in your first few rounds of this workout until you see how your body responds. 



This is the best jump rope!


These are the best weights!  


If you liked this workout, you’d throw barbells for these! 



Bingo Arm Busting Workout - Six Moves To Shred Your Arms WELLFITandFED

41 Responses

    1. Awesome, Molly. It is all in the slow and controlled and keep the core really tight.

  1. I have NEVER heard this term, but love it! My arms have always been one of the hardest parts to tone, so I’m always up for trying new exercises that will help. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these exercises! Will be giving them a try tomorrow. Finn especially enjoyed the bird that kept popping up in your video☺️

  3. I’m totally laughing at the term BINGO ARM! That’s hysterical! And this sounds like a great workout and one I should probably put into my routine!

    1. Funny! I kept seeing that when I was searching for some references and I was like “what the H are wings?” Now I know!

  4. I’ve just started lifting weights recently – nothing crazy intense but I realized I need to start more strength training as a part of my fitness routine. Turns out I LOVE lifting. It’s feel so good, in a completely different “tired” way than cardio.

  5. This is the workout I’ve been looking for. I don’t have Bingo arms, but they definitely need beautiful definition. Thank you for including a video. I’m a very visual person so this is perfect! Thanks again, Heather. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

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