A Stairs And Strength Workout Video To Kick Your Heiny

A Stairs And Strength Workout Video - WELLFITandFED

I was visiting my mum up in Kelowna, BC  early this fall. Each morning I would head out for a little stroll and on this day I found a short set of stairs that screamed…. “C’mon, Denniston…. you don’t have it in you…” “Oh yes I do crappy stairs beside three fast food restaurants with garbage all over you….you don’t scare me.”

Today’s video documents the happenings on those beastly stairs.

By the way, what is better than a stairs workout? A stairs workout with intervals of strength training!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh, and about the last stair exercise. Please only perform this if you feel confident. I don’t want any face abrasions or broken noses on my watch.

Have fun out there!    


I recommend going through this circuit one time to start.

Perform the workout at a steady but challenging pace.

Assess how you do, take breaks whenever you need too, but the goal is to try eventually get through all aspects of the circuit without stopping. Going through the circuit two or three times could be an added challenge!

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You can easily modify any of the parts of this workout. Squat jumps up a set of stairs to tough? Just do all your stair circuits with regular walking. Not ready for Lizard push-ups? Then just do regular or modified (formerly known as “ladies”, whatever!) push-ups and call it good. If you need a great challenge, try to do the repetitions a little faster and with more intensity.

Perhaps you would rather a workout with a park bench?  PARK BENCH WORKOUT


Take a screen shot of the video where it lays out the workout. Take your phone to your nearest set of steps and using the screenshot as a reference go through the workout one time. Well, Done! Let me know how you did. Remember if any portion of the workout is too challenging at first either modify or skip that part and move on.





If you liked this workout you would definitely like my “Eight-Part Summer Stairs Workout.” Click here to check out the first one! 


Strength and Stairs Workout


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  1. Great little video. Not that I will ever do that stair workout, but it’s nice to see you again, Heather. Looking good. Say hi to Mr. D.

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