Why Vegetable Oil Is Taboo On Paleo And Other Oil Facts You Can’t Live Without


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Oils, I mean oils that we ingest, may have had the most politically impactful influence on our diet today. Yes, even more than bacon!

Back in the late 1800’s a couple of brothers-in-law figured out how to create a solid oil out of a liquid oil. Their discovery would change how people cooked in kitchens across America almost instantaneously. Their names were Proctor and Gamble, and the product they invented was Crisco. The release of this fancy new solid oil and the savvy marketing efforts that followed single-handedly shifted a population of people from using omega-3-rich animal fats like lard to highly processed, omega three deficient vegetable oils like Crisco. Hello, diabetes and obesity!


An issue of Popular Science from the early 1900’s sums up the evolution of vegetable oil, (in this case cottonseed,) nicely: “What was garbage in 1860 was fertilizer in 1870, cattle feed in 1880, and table food and many things else in 1890.”- Excerpt from The Happiness Diet.

Why Vegetable Oil Is Taboo On Paleo And Other Oil Facts You Can’t Live Without

 Many varieties of vegetable oils have hit the market since that time. The oils are affordable and readily available and have become widely used. Many, including Crisco, were brought to market at a time when advertising “health benefits” was not widely regulated. This lack of regulation led to false claims regarding the positive impacts of these oils and misinformation touting the scary health detriments of animal fats. For those of you who lived through it, you probably remember the grossly overstated advertising claims made by Margarine manufacturers as they subtly slid a tub of the yellow junk into every fridge across the nation.

Today there are dozens of vegetable oils on the market. Canola (which is rapeseed), soybean, corn, peanut and sunflower and safflower oils are the leaders in force. So what is the problem you might ask? You would intuit that oil from “vegetables” should be healthy, right? They ARE made from vegetables, after all. How bad could they be? Here are the problems.

PROBLEM ONE: Highly over processed. Think about this. Is a nut or a piece or corn more oily?  Which do you think requires less processing to extract oil? Ever heard of squeezing blood from a stone? A good analogy for the effort it takes to squeeze oil from a piece of corn, or a soybean. The degree to which chemical and heat processing are applied to extract oil from these vegetables results in a significant change to the natural state of the oil. 

PROBLEM TWO: GMO. You can count on 90% of canola and other vegetable oils being genetically modified.  Genetically modifying crops has been shown to lead to kidney damage, liver distress, neurologic issues, and free radical damage. Despite recent law changes, Monsanto has been continuing to sell GMO crops. The most affected crops are canola, alfalfa, corn, cotton, soybeans, and sugarbeets. Discussion about GMO’s is obviously a hugely hot-button topic. I don’t think anyone argues however that avoiding GMO foods is an excellent decision. Also, remember not all GMO food is labeled, so you have to do your research.

PROBLEM THREE: A gross lack of omega three fatty acids. And an overabundance of sixes and nines! (Hello clogged arteries.) Not only are vegetable oils overly rich in omega sixes, but any omega threes that were in the oil at extraction become destabilized during heat processing. Rancid Omega three is worse than no omega three.

PROBLEM FOUR: Petroleum-derived solvents, degummers, and deodorizers. Crickets… I really don’t have to comment, do I?


Oils To Avoid If You Hope To Stay Healthy! 



Corn Oil

Peanut Oil





Soybean Oil

Margarine/ Crisco


Now I know you all are cleaning out your cupboards as you read this. Wonderful! But there is another issue with which to contend. If you step outside your door you are going to be very hard-pressed (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little intended) not to run into vegetable oils at every turn. Almost all restaurants cook with canola or peanut oil. Most packaged foods will contain vegetable oil and sometimes several different ones. There is good news, though. We are starting to see food product manufacturers and restaurants respond to public pressure and exchange cheap readily available vegetable oils for better options like olive and coconut oil. Asking to have your food cooked in butter or steamed without oil can help control your exposure significantly.

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So what are the Paleo-friendly oils, or the oils that you should be reaching for if you want to have a healthier body? Here is the go-to list! 


OILS TO ENJOY!! (Paleo Friendly)


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Avocado Oil

Palm Oil

Macadamia nut oil

Walnut oil

GHEE/ Clarified Butter


These oils are minimally processed, high in Omega threes

and full of other health-inducing nutrients and antioxidants.

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FYI DEFINITION: “COLD PRESSED” When you read about oil being cold-pressed or “extra-virgin” it means no heat was used in processing. That means that there is less chance the oil has been oxidized, and the omega threes are most likely intact. 

OLIVE OIL: Loaded with Phenols, which are said to reduce oxidative stress on the body.

COCONUT OIL: Easily digestible, and very rich in lauric acid which antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

MACADAMIA NUT OIL: Provides the lowest level of Omega 6. Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.  

AVOCADO OIL: High in Vitamin E and chlorophyll. Also helps absorb carotenoids from vegetables. Excellent ratio of omega six to three.      

PALM OIL: Excellent source of Omega three. The farming practices could have a negative environmental impact, so experts encourage you to get the Red Palm oil that is sourced less impactfully.                                                            

WALNUT OIL: Loaded with antioxidants including ellagic acid.

GHEE/ CLARIFIED BUTTER: Rich in vitamin A and E and is anti-inflammatory. It is an excellent option for those that don’t “do dairy.”

Everyone asks about the best oils for high heat.

Here they are in descending order.






Unrefined coconut oil


These oils have a high smoke point and are stable so they

will not oxidize, turn rancid, or get all jacked

up when the going gets hot.)

The importance of oils in our diet is becoming more widely understood. Good, omega-three-rich oils are a cornerstone of optimal health and function. Conversely, we should be very aware of the vegetable oils to which we allow ourselves exposure. Whether you are Paleo or just trying to eat a nutrient-dense, whole food diet, the above recommendations are a good guideline to follow. Please share your favorite of the “super-hero” oils below!


first-steps-logo-RGBThink about the oils you use in your home. Check all dates on your oils to ensure they are fresh. Make sure your oils come in dark glass bottles and that they are kept in a cool dark area. Try to buy organic where you can. Consider slowly purchasing a variety of oils to cook with so that you are getting the health benefits from several different oils.



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Why Vegetable Oil Is Taboo On Paleo And Other Oil Facts You Can't Live Without

21 Responses

  1. Made the switch to using only Coconut & Olive oil in the kitchen a while back. Now I use it for almost everything! Hair, skin, oil-pulling (oral hygiene), and even cleaning. LOVE LOVE LOVE this article, and thanks for raising awareness for oils. 🙂 Also, on the topic of omega fatty acids, have you tried flax seed meal? I put that in everything. I find it rather important, especially since our newest man cub was born with a congenital heart disease, to make heart health conscious decisions. (his birth story http://www.mamarevivalseries.com/2015/11/hudson-heart-warrior.html)

    1. Flax seed as an oil/meal I intentionally left out. Bit controversial! First, it is good, but here are the issues. It turns rancid very easily and destabilizes with any heat. Also, it does not convert well in the body so it is NOT a substitute for fish oil as many believe. That being said the fiber is fabulous and it is still considered one of the good guys. Thanks for commenting!

    1. It is so easy to get overwhelmed isn’t it Susannah? I do and I teach this stuff! We have to just keep looking at the info but always consider the sources. 🙂

  2. This is a good article – I use all of the good oils apart from Palm Oil as even though it is good for us, it is not good for the environment 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. That is the word on the street. The recommendation is that RED PALM oil is environmentally friendly. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I didn’t really know the specifics of why vegetable oil is so bad for you! Lately I haven’t been using it – I replace it with vegetable broth and honestly, my food tastes a lot better!

    1. So in the blog post it talks about high-processing, omega-3 deficient, heat damage, oxidization, rancidity, and chemicals. Does that make sense why they are bad for you? Thanks for stopping by.

    1. THanks, Kate! I do find it hard when out though. Had a beautiful pale chicken burger at a place last night, with lovely green salad and I know there was vegetable oil in there somewhere!

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