The Junk You Should Know Show Ep. 41: Understanding Whole30 The Basics

Join me with Dr. Amy Bovenkamp as we talk all details related to understanding WHOLE30. #whole30, #paleo, #nutrition, #weightloss

Dr. Amy Bovenkamp joins Dr. Heather Denniston on the 41st episode of The Junk You Should Know Show to talk about WHOLE30 basics! In spite of you might think it is, Whole30 is NOT a diet or weight loss program. Although, many people have succeeded at losing weight practicing a Whole30 lifestyle!

Understanding WHOLE30 – The Basics


What is Whole30? (5:26)

Whole30 at its root is a process. This process includes stripping your body of junk, letting your body heal and reset, then an intentional reintroduction of foods. 

Think about how we introduce new foods to babies. We slowly add one new item to see how their little tummies and bodies react. The reintroduction process in Whole30 is very similar to that. You’re seeing how your body reacts as you add new food to your diet. It’s through this plan that you’ll be able to identify your ideal nutritional makeup, so you feel great!

The Basics of Whole30 (8:56)

Food-based things to avoid on the WHOLE30 plan:

  • all sugars
  • alcohol
  • grains
  • legumes
  • dairy
  • preservatives
  • “fake baked” goods (for more details review the 10:17 mark of the show)

Non-food based things to avoid during the process:

  • Weighing yourself
  • Taken measurements

How does Whole30 Differ from Paleo (11:56)

One of the primary differences is sweeteners and alcohol. These two items are not allowed on the Whole30 plan, however, they are okay for a Paleo plan.

Whole30 addresses your relationship with food on top of dietary choices as well. Paleo focuses more on those dietary choices and stretches the boundaries a bit as different recipes can be adapted to be Paleo compliant.

Detox Stage (18:23)

It’s not fun and that’s the truth. As your body starts to clean out, it’s very revealing how much all those different ingredients change the way your body operates. 

Whole30 Creates a Lifestyle Shift (28:10)

Because Whole30 teaches you how to look at your food choices and relationship differently it causes a shift that’s naturally long-term. Like any habit, you’ll learn to make better nutritional choices in the future without sticking to a long-term plan. This mindset change is what sets Whole30 apart from any packaged weight loss program.

You’ll have a better understanding of how different ingredients and foods make you feel. Why is this so powerful? Because now you’re armed with the knowledge and the option to choose whether that piece of cake or bowl of rice is worth the after effects. 

Reintroduction Stage (34:16)

There’s a specific order and timeline to reintroduce different foods. This process makes it so much easier to identify what foods are causing certain reactions positive or negative in your body. Dr. Denniston reminds us that not all reactions are immediate, therefore the reintroduction timeline is so important.

Not a Weight Loss Program are You Sure? (36:54)

YES! Some participants actually need to add muscle mass, that’s what they discover through their own Whole30 journey. It’s all about what your body needs. 

They’ve even created 147 non-scale victory markers to ensure that participants are looking beyond a number on a scale. These markers include sleep, mood, energy, and more!



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Join me with Dr. Amy Bovenkamp as we talk all details related to understanding WHOLE30. #whole30, #paleo, #nutrition, #weightloss





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