Of late, turmeric has taken on a cape-wearing, superpower-wielding level of notoriety. A bright yellow powder that comes from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in Indian or Asian cooking for coloring and added flavor. However, over the past several years, we have seen the additional talents of turmeric emerge in the popular media. Cultures that have used turmeric for thousands of years innately understand turmeric’s benefits. But now modern science is publishing concrete evidence of turmeric’s status as a new superfood. Dr. Josh Axe, in his article “Ten Turmeric Benefits,” refers to turmeric as “potentially the most powerful plant on the planet in its power to fight and reverse disease.” How can turmeric hold all of these abilities? To understand the potential health impact of turmeric, we must start with a question: What is beneath that cape?


Turmeric: A super-hero Herb with limitless power

If you want to get the basics, I thought it would be easier to explain the characteristics of this cape-wearing miracle herb through the art of visual aid. In addition to the basic benefits of Turmeric as some fantastic recipes. I love the turmeric tea! The smoothie is delicious as well. I would also love to know your favorite recipes with medicinal herbs! 

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I only just started learning about the benefits of this fancy herb. The data is prolific and conclusive and more information is coming out every day. I hope you click through the rest of the article and enjoy the read! (Next month I will have an article on collagen for Fix.com.) If you want to start trying some  in your diet you can take it as a spice on your food a supplement or in your smoothies! 

Here are three ways to buy Turmeric that I love. 


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