It is here! The launch of THE THREE DAY RESET. My beta testers and I have worked very hard on bringing this transformational program to you before the holidays so you can get started right away!

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The Good News? It’s FREE!!!!


UPDATE!!!!! – July 2016

SAD NEWS: As of July 2016 this product is no longer FREE. I have doubled it’s size and turned in into a book. 

GREAT NEWS: You can buy it HERE


Why on earth would you want this thing? 

After 20 years of studying and coaching patients on various nutrition protocols, I realized many people have similar frustrations when it comes to eating right. People’s goals were consistent. They wanted “doable”, clean, non-extreme methods to address moving toward healthier eating practices and weight maintenance. With these goals in mind and research across many sources and platforms, I developed The Three Day Reset.

The Three Day Reset is a gentle way to incorporate many of the best practices of the diverse programs I have found to be successful. The purpose of The Three Day Reset is to provide a framework through which we can start to build healthy food habits – habits that will spill over into our life outside “The Reset.” Habits that will result in a significant investment toward long-term abundant life experience, starting with nutrition. The Three Day Reset is not a diet. It is a transformational experience that will leave you refreshed and renewed.


The Three Day Reset Mission

To emotionally and physically step away from toxic, processed and inflammatory foods, and to replenish our systems with whole, nutrient-rich alternatives.


How do you get started with this transformational program? So easy! You just sign up to receive emails on WELLFITandFED (sign up when you see the pop-up or in any of the sign-up boxes on each page of WELLFITandFED) and you will receive an email with the link and password. Bada bing! But I am only giving this product away for a short time, so take advantage while the getting is hot, hot, hot! 

If you are already signed up to receive emails from WELLFITandFED the link and password will automatically be sent to your email address on file! How cool is that? 



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Hurray, let’s get to the part about kale!