The 15 Best Resources For Paleo Beginners

When I started on my paleo journey many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I heard you were supposed to eat and live like a caveman. Nuts, seeds, don’t shower… not super clear.  At that time there were minimal resources and what was available was heavy duty reading that would put any caveman to sleep. Now there are thousands of resources available if you want to learn about the health benefits of living a whole food existence.

I wanted to provide you today with some of the best. These are my go-to sources for all things Paleo. Make sure to bookmark this article so you can return to it when you need some more paleo inspiration! 

The Fifteen Best Resources For Paleo Beginners


  1. Civilized Caveman: What I love about George is that he is so authentic. He, like many of us, struggled with owning a healthy approach to nutrition. To heal, he threw himself into the problem by learning how to eat well. His food concoctions are the most unique I have encountered. He follows no rules. His Chocolate, Bacon Almond Butter Dessert, for example, is a total gem.
  2. Against all grain: Yes Danielle is ridiculously perfect in every way, and I really want to roll my eyes at her but I can’t. The girl has ridiculous talent in the kitchen. Her purpose comes from personal experience. She was diagnosed with significant food allergies and when she researched recipe options to meet her modified nutrition needs she came up empty handed.The few recipe websites publishing gluten and dairy free options were mediocre at best. She wanted to create recipes that were “tried and true” and she nailed it. Her cookbooks are fantastic. You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of her creations.
  3. Paleo grubs: I love this collaborative site because they make it so easy for the beginner to absorb quickly. Just click on the “get started” button and they take you through Paleo 101 and beyond. Tons of recipes and resources in a nicely laid out format, Paleo Grubs is a must on your paleo shortlist.
  4. PaleoOmg: One word. Adorbs. Julie is lovely and lively, and you just want to bottle her energy. Her site is easy to navigate, and she has dozens of recipes to die for. Best part? You can get a twofer. She and George from Civilized Caveman above collaborated on one of the best cookbooks I have ever seen. – The Paleo Kitchen. Truly drool worthy.
  5. Nom Nom Paleo: Michelle is a low key and humble considering she has one of the hottest food sites in the industry. Her cookbook has been on the bestseller list forever. I love the Asian flair of many of her dishes. She is a true chef, and her food is fantastic. Her website design leaves a little to be desired, but it is worth the navigation!
  6. Thrive: This online grocery store is tremendous. Thrive is well organized and loaded with paleo goods that are priced right. All the paleo bloggers mention Thrive and often have discount coupons. Click through to some of the websites I’ve mentioned here for reduced pricing before you shop here. 
  7. Steves Paleo: How can you go wrong with an altruistic paleo guy. Any purchases from Steve’s go to his charity to help at-risk youth learn about fitness. The jerky? – Fantastic!
  8. Wild Mountain Paleo: This online grocer is strictly paleo. There are tons of products and resources to sift through. I have not ordered from them yet, but their line-up looks very convincing.
  9. Paleo parents: Stacy, has taken the Paleo world by storm. I think she only started her blog a couple of years ago, and she is crazy popular! I think people really love that she hits the paleo lifestyle from a family perspective. She celebrates her “humanness” and is not afraid to post cheat days. She is wonderfully approachable.
  10. Chosen Foods: Offerings are limited here to oils, chia seeds, and mayo but seriously cool philosophy from the local farmers who started the company. It would be absolutely worth ordering from them because the quality of their products look incredible.
  11. Pete’s Paleo: One word. Bacon. Pete’s offers weekly paleo meal delivery as well which is fantastic for that busy paleo beginner, but I love that he has a beautiful, truly paleo, bacon product you can order by the pound. (Most bacon out there is not paleo because of the nitrates and other additives.)
  12. Paleo Leap: This is the brain center of paleo. There are so many resources and articles here to get you started. No question goes unanswered in the archives on this blog!
  13. Mark’s Daily Apple: The grandfather of Paleo. Sign up for his newsletter! Mark embodies true paleo living. He eats lives and breathes the paleo lifestyle and is eager to teach, by example of course, how you can do it too.
  14. Everyday Paleo: A great collaboration of paleo bloggers and a wonderful podcast called the JASSA podcast. You can begin your paleo immersion by working out and listening to everything paleo!
  15. Robb Wolfe: Another veteran paleo promoter. Robb has tons of great resources and information on his blog. He is a gifted teacher and speaker.  And with no shortage of conviction will convince you of the benefit of your new choice to live a paleo lifestyle!        

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Lock these recommendations away, Poodles. If we are to be successful in our pursuit of good health, then we need good teachers. I have included some of the best. Enjoy!


This week I encourage you to invest in one quality paleo cookbook. Order it old school book style. Keep it where you can reference it regularly. Once a week pick one new recipe to try; it only takes ten go to recipes to make eating paleo a snap.



15 best resources for paleo beginners

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43 Responses

  1. I’m in the midst of a 21-day sugar detox so I am checking out all the great recipes that I can! It’s really hard to change your eating habits this drastically! Also, a bummer is that I just can’t seem to like anything I bake using coconut flour. =( Thanks for sharing these great resources!

    1. have you tried Almond flour? Or a mix of both? There are some great “Paleo flours” you can get online that are a mix of both and cook more like real flour. Good for you kicking it on your health journey! Well done!

    1. No problem, Chantal, let me know if you need any additional. I have oodles of other resources at my fingertips!

    1. For sure, Natalie. I tried to curate the best ones out there. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. I like the concept of Paleo, and I would be good with getting mostly on board, but I am not willing to give up my preservative-and-sugar-laden coffee creamer. haha. I know that’s horrible, but it’s true.

    1. Oh my word, Kristen. Have you ever tried BULLET coffee. SOOOOOOO good. Lots of recipes on line but talk about CREAMY!! There are options, girl!

    1. Just make one small change at a time. It is not that hard actually and the food? Delicious!

  3. I am not really paleo, since I dont eat meat… but I am learning more about clean eating and the Whole 30 so I do tend to gravitate toward paleo recipes… this is really helpful! (pinning for later!)

    1. That is what it is all about. Clean, whole, non-processed back to goodness eating. Well done, Lauren

  4. I didn’t realize that there were so many blogs and resources related to paleo. So correct me if I’m wrong but paleo is eating everything in its natural state – no processed foods?

    1. Great question Dana! Paleo is eating whole, non-processed well sourced food like grass fed meats and organic everything. We eliminate dairy, grains, sugar, legumes because of the impact on the digestive system. SO you choose from healthy happy meats and fish, nuts and seeds and all the glorious varieties of fruits and veggies you can stuff in you!

    1. You bet, Chris. Remember, Paleo is just eating how we were intended to eat in the beginning. Whole, naturally sourced food. No processing and locally and freshly gathered. Let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Think all whole food, non processed well-sourced food. Lean, grass fed meats, happy, well-sourced fish, organic, non gmo fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds. Think healthy sleep and activity habits. Think about the changes as a lifestyle not a diet. Xo

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