We are nearing December and as we do thoughts turn to intentions for the New Year. (Right behind holiday planning that is.) Every year, whether we claim to or not, we mentally flip a page or finish a chapter and prepare to begin afresh.

Often we reflect on our health and nutrition. Often we are disappointed, discouraged about our lack of progress or results from the year we see speeding to a finish. I know. I have been in that spot! What if there was an easier solution than making grand resolutions January first? What if there were steps you could take immediately to right your eating habits?

More Energy, Better Sleep…What??


In July I published THE THREE DAY RESET. This program is a completely doable food plan that yields fantastic results. Whether you employ The Reset as a “refresh” once in awhile or you perform the program weekly, you will create notable change and meaningful results.

Since publishing, I have had people ask what they can expect specifically from the program. There are some distinct attributes, but today I want to focus on the five results from The Reset you may not have expected.

Better Sleep, More Energy? Why The Three Day Reset Is Perfect For You.



LEANER: I don’t tout this plan as a diet because it is so much more than that. But, that being said, if you follow the plan correctly I find most people do lose weight. When you practice consistently eating “clean and lean” a few days a week your body opens up and runs more efficiently.

BETTER SLEEP: Quality sleep is something I have struggled with for many years. It started in chiropractic school when I would get heart palpitations and a racing mind as I tried to settle into sleep. When I realized it was the start of an anxiety condition, I was actually relieved. (I thought I was dying a slow death from a heart failure!) My sleep has improved significantly. But, it is by far the best at the beginning of the week when I am engaging in The Reset. Why would that be? Well, there are several reasons: lower sugar intake, a more balanced food schedule, smaller portions, less processed food and no alcohol. BAM. Better sleep.

And better sleep begets better sleep. If your body can get into a rhythm, it has the potential to maintain a better sleep cycle even on the days you are not doing The Three Day Reset.

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MORE ENERGY: This is one of the best attributes of The Reset. I always let my clients know that the first couple times through the program you may feel a little groggy. Your body may take a bit to get used to all the greens and the cleanliness of the food. When you take away sugar and processed food your body my act a little like a whiny two-year-old when you pull away their candy. Stick with it!

I recently had one client who is a cyclist say she had the best bike ride of her life on day three of her last Reset. She also said she had little to no recovery time after the ride. Amazing what a clean engine can do!

DECREASED PAIN: Factsugar, dairy, processed food, alcohol, and caffeine can all cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation causes pain and other health issues. The Reset allows you to decrease the inflammation in your system regularly. And, if you do The Reset weekly, 40% of your month is clean, anti-inflammatory eating. That means you are dialing down the pain stimulator on a consistent basis.

TRANSFORMED NUTRITION: IWhen I talked to a “book coach” about how to get The Three Day Reset message out to the world they said don’t talk about “transformational nutrition.” It is BORING! Too bad.

I am going to despite their advice because Cancer is real, diabetes is real, and heart disease is real. And if you do not know how to eat well you will most likely experience one or all of these conditions at some point in your life.

The discussion regarding how to transform your nutrition so you can live longer, and experience a greater existence, is just too important. I have so many clients that think they know how to eat and sadly they have been given the wrong tools; tools that often create greater harm to their delicate human systems. The Reset is a way to provide a deep-dive education in nutrition by having you do hands-on practice a few days a week.

Why The Three Day Reset Is For You

By executing the plan, you learn the kind of nutrition that fuels your body properly and the food chemistry that will make your coming years far more enjoyable.

Now you know some of the secret benefits of The Three Day Reset. How do you get involved? Good news. I have the answer.

1) Buy the book and read it. I know. Simple, right? BUY ME.

2) Want more support? Get the “Book Bundle.” (Includes private coaching and a secret Facebook group.) BUY ME.

3) Join our “January 4×4” – Four Resets in four weeks! Just add your name and email HERE and type “RESET” into the comment section. Before anyone else, you will get the “fresh off the press” details on this upcoming program.

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Want to get started right away? This week start drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning. Heat enough water to fill a coffee cup. Add ¼ to ½ of a lemon (juiced) and sip slowly. This is very alkalizing to your body and an excellent way to set up your system to digest and absorb your food easily.





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More Energy, Better Sleep? Why The THREE DAY RESET is for you.