I have a friend who is working towards changing her diet. She posed some questions around snacking. A box of Triscuits and cheese were her “go-to”, and she was finding that perhaps this particular practice was contributing to her missing the mark on weight management goals. She asked for a little advice, and I let her know that since this is a common question, I would spruce up my response and post it in this week’s blog.

If you are living a paleo lifestyle, what are some snack ideas? Well, we must deal with something first – the word snack. I know this is surprising, but a “snack” is not a thing. ANYTHING really can be considered a snack. It does not have rules and boundaries to which you must adhere. Any particular foods could fall into, or out of this category.

A snack is just a small meal.  That helps a little, doesn’t it?

So here are seven great Paleo snack ideas.

  • Fruit and fat: Pick a fruit, add some fat to it. I love banana with a little almond butter. Or an apple with cashew butter. It is a great combination loaded with so many nutrients in both!
  • Hijack dinner: I always make more dinner than I need, and then put portions in tiny Tupperware for “snacking” later. Examples might include, salmon and sautéed kale, chicken, and steamed asparagus or left over salad with a little tuna on top. In smaller portions these choices can be very satisfying for the hunger monster.
  • Bone broth: Newsflash! Bone broth now comes in tiny packaged serving sizes that are perfect to put in a mug and warm up! It is so rich and satisfying, and it will certainly tide you over until that next meal.
  • Meat wraps One of my favorites. I take “well-sourced and clean” deli meat like Applegate farms and wrap it around something. A thin slice of avocado slivered veggies or bacon with a slice of tomato. These are packed with protein and so delicious.
  • Packaged Paleo: The “packaged” options for paleo have improved so much over the last two years. There are now many options of foods that you can purchase to have on hand that will satiate your hunger. (Be careful to limit how much packaged food you are eating no matter how good it is! Remember, the idea with paleo is to be eating fresh, and whole as much as possible!) Here are some examples of paleo snacks you can click directly to order. JERKY, COOKIES, DRIED FRUIT, CHIPS, GRANOLA
  • Trail mix: I use small “bead bags” to portion out trail mix otherwise I find I eat too much! (check out “Why Your Paleo Plan Is An Epic Fail”) But trail mix in small portions is excellent for a mid-afternoon slump. Try this “Seventeen Mile Mix,” it is fantastic! 
  • Precut veggies with dip: I love to cut up a ton of veggies on the weekend, so I always have them in the fridge, and then I usually whip up some cashew spread to go with it!

As you can see, there are some easy options to use for paleo “snacking.” Think outside the box, get creative and because you have so many great “small meal” options you can kindly put away the Triscuits.

What are your favorite Paleo Snacks?

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