Whenever I head to a new city, I love to Google the Paleo friendly joints. Since my husband has been working in Chicago, we have been eating our way through town and discovered this little gem of a restaurant called mEAT

Funny story actually. I had done my research to learn that Paleo Yelpers love this place, and even Urbanspoon has very kind words, so on the night of our reservation, we hailed an Uber and off we went. My phone was telling us to go in a different direction completely, but I trusted “Uber guy”. We ended up in a way the heck out of the way in a part of Chicago referred to as “Boy’s Town”. The driver pulled up in front of a restaurant called “mEAT” . Luckily it was the restaurant we were hoping to try, just an alternate location. This one was attached from the back to a very swank gay bar and likely proved to be a more lively dining experience than the location on Chestnut.

 We were seated by a charming young man, handsome as all get out. Soon, after meeting our waiter, his trainee and the manager, we realised they were all young, charming and held day jobs as GQ models. Except the bartender; he was a long-hair-flipping, fish-out-of-water,  renegade who dropped an entire jar of maraschino cherries when I asked if I could photograph him for this blog post. 


Brent and I were thoroughly briefed on the menu. The system is all centered around the skewers. mEAT had a rack at the table and based on your inclination this rack will hold a variety of delectable “meat on stick thingys.” I was sold. I love novel food. We both started with a kale, Caesar. It might have been one of the best things I have ever tasted. The chef poached the egg in red wine and placed it ever so gently on top of a bed of passionately massaged kale. The picture was “ungetable” because of the odd color of the egg but trust me, this salad is worth a way-out-of-the-way-misdirected-Uber-ride.

Then came the skewers. I am not sure what to say here. The table fell silent, and I am pretty sure angels riffed. Brent and I happy-groaned our way through four skewers. Chicken wrapped in Bacon (not paleo-had a little cream cheese stuffed in there). Skirt Steak, Lamb and scallops (all super paleo). The scallops were so tender they fell off the skewers as soon as they were hung. I think I muffled with every alternate bite “I am coming back here, I am so coming back here”.

We were stuffed but the menu they listed a Paleo dessert. What?? I had to. It was a chocolate avocado mousse. I’ll admit It wasn’t a fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream,  but it was delicious, and I loved that there was a dessert option for those of us that want to stay paleo when eating out.

Both locations for the mEAT restaurants receive excellent reviews. The meat is well sourced and beautifully prepared, and there are lots of delicious vegetable options. The Brussels with bacon were divine. If you are in Chicago looking for an excellent meal without stepping away from your clean-eating commitments, then mEAT is the place for you. Enjoy!

Check out mEAT! 


Do you try to eat clean, whole food as much as possible? I know restaurant eating can be tough. Let me challenge you. The next time you eat out, peruse the menu ahead of time. Decide what your options are and if you want to be sure call the restaurant and speak with someone who knows the cooking methods. What kind of oil do they use? Can they assure a gluten-free environment for those who need it? What meals would they suggest for your particular eating plan? I do this, and it saves awkwardness with my group of pals at the table. I have been enjoying eating out much more since I do a little pre-prep! Let me know how it goes!

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