Have you ever been on vacation and the night before you go home the “Last Night Phenomena” takes over? What is the “Last Night Phenomena” you might ask?


LAST NIGHT PHENOMENAThe behavior that ensues on the last night of a vacation due to an underlying panic of returning home to real life, combined with the deep drive to get all your “party” out before your vacation terrifyingly screeches to a halt. Usually results in sharp cranial pain, nausea and an unrelenting need for bacon.

So there we were, the girls and I, getting ready for a casual final dinner out. We decided on a swanky Mexican place along restaurant row. We ordered gourmet tacos and a pitcher of Mojitos (first mistake). Somehow during dinner, it became a great idea to head across the street to go dancing. My Mojito asked if I could have a margarita and my margarita decided several vodka and sodas to round out the evening would be an excellent decision. (Drinks are stupid.)

Cue the inadvertent hangover.

It had been a long time since I felt this badly and it got me thinking. For those of us that have had this happen, we all wished there was something that could shorten the suffering. I decided it was high time there was a go-to list of natural options to rid us of the inadvertent hangover.

So what is a hangover?

Honestly, the evidence is still conflicting. After compiling the research, it comes down to a combination of possibilities.

  • Dehydration: Alcohol is a diarrheic. Therefore, alcohol causes your system to dump much of the hydration onto which it should be holding. The resulting dehydration causes multiple issues, but the main symptom is the blasted headache. I remember a professor teaching us that your brain, in its state of dehydration is pulling inward, away from its tiny attachments to the skull. I know, gross, but therein lies the cause of the headache!
  • Toxins: Alcohol is hard on the liver. Your liver has to detoxify all the alcohol you drank, and that takes time. In the mean time, your body has to sit in the cesspool of sulfites, tannins and whatever other fermented mess you drank. I think you can pick up what I am putting down. Your liver is mad at you.
  • Nutrient Loss: Because of the rapid dehydration when you consume too much alcohol, precious nutrients are also unfortunately flushed out with the water. That loss of the electrolyte balance in your body can create all sorts of symptoms including nausea, headaches and brain fog.
  • Preceding Issues: Sometimes hangovers happen because the alcohol you chose was not as high quality as it could have been. (More toxins). Or possibly you were dehydrated, hadn’t eaten enough or you mixed your drinks. These all are factors that can influence how you feel the next day.

No one starts out the night saying “I am going to drink just enough so that I have a horrible hangover in the morning.” But, if the unfortunate experience of a hangover should happen to you here are the ten most sure-fire ways to cure it.

10 Natural Cures For The Inadvertent Hangover

  • WATER: I am not trying to state the obvious, but hydrating is the foundation of all hangover cures. If you don’t hydrate in conjunction with these other cures, they will not work nearly as well. Small sips, constantly. And not just the day after but for at least three days after. Dehydration can be very subtle so ensure that you get back on track by reloading your system with copious amounts of agua!
  • SLEEP: Sleep is not going to cure a hangover, but it will allow your body to harness all its energy toward regulating your physiology you so rudely disrupted. Rehydrating and ridding of toxins is a full-time job so sleeping it off lets all your systems focus on getting you back to good health.
  • FAT: Eating greasy food the morning after can help. Particularly if your fat choice is high in amino acids and other nutrients. Eggs are a great example. However, the word on the street is that eating the fat BEFORE you indulge is a better way to go. More on that from THE HEALTHY DRINKER
  • YOGA: Yoga is an excellent way to accelerate the process of dealing with a hangover. Hot yoga? Even better. I don’t know about you, but the thought of Downward Dog with a hangover is not the most delightful. But, if you can stomach a class, go! You will be so glad you did!
  • BANANA/ NUT BUTTER: This cure is my all-time favorite. Injecting your system with a high dose of potassium (banana) and Fat (nut-butter) to address the acidity of the stomach is a fool-proof combo.
  • GINGER: Ginger is not necessarily going to cure your hangover but will help you through the nausea until your system settles down. Fresh ginger tea, crystallized ginger or raw ginger in a green smoothie are all good ways to ginger into your system.
  • COCONUT WATER: Coconut water for a hangover is like bread to a starving man. Loaded with electrolytes coconut water is the perfect solution to rehydrate quickly while also replacing lost electrolytes from the diarrheic effect of alcohol.
  • ZIPFIZZ: With 4000 percent of your daily dose of B vitamins (not kidding), Zippfizz is a super quick way to help you rehydrate and add back electrolytes. Ingredients also list other minerals and vitamins. (CAUTION: There is a small amount of artificial sweetener in ZippFizz.) Because of its delicious taste, it also helps get loads of water down the hatch. Here is where to get it. LINK
  • SAUNA: I know it sounds counter-intuitive because you are already dehydrated, but if you can get into an infra-red sauna and sweat out all those lovely toxins you accumulated last night, and also hydrate like a crazy person, this inadvertent hangover will be a thing of the past. Many yoga facilities now have infrared sauna available!
  • GREEN SMOOTHIE: The key to clearing a hangover is imbibing nutrient dense foods as soon as you can get them in. This recipe for an Anti-inflammatory smoothie is the perfect combination of fat, nutrients, ginger and protein.

If you find yourself having succumbed to “Last Night Phenomena” or any other myriad of potential opportunities where you had “one too many,” keep this article handy so your suffering can be minimized!

I will love to hear if you have any other hangover solutions!


If you decide to have a drink or two consider these guidelines. Stick with clear, well-sourced alcohols. Gin or Vodka mixed with soda water is your best bet. If you are drinking wine, try to imbibe good quality products because they tend to have fewer toxins. Also, alternate water between drinks. When you get home, drink lots of water and also consider drinking coconut water before bed for a deeper hydration effect.




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