The Six Non-Nutrition Reasons To Do A Juice Fast

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The first time I wrote about cleansing I talked about losing my spleen. You might want to read about it! It was my first “juice fast” and I got “schooled”. Since then I have done several one, three and five day cleanses.

Recently there is as much information about why NOT to juice cleanse, as there are reasons TO juice cleanse so it can be very confusing to the consumer. The primary reason to juice fast is obviously the immense nutritional value you can get from all those pounds of vegetables and fruits. The downside, proposed by some theorists, is that the high natural sugar content of the juices impact your insulin levels negatively.



But what if there is much more to a juice fast then nutritional impact? I propose there are six reasons you consider a juice fast that have nothing to do with the food value goodness of juicing!

  • Free up time: Many people that embark on a juice fast, purchase the juices from a store or delivery service. If you are not making the juices yourself, juice fasting is a great way to free up some time. If typically you eat nutritious, home-cooked, whole food meals there is a lot of time spent in preparation which is as it should be! But it IS nice to occasionally have a break. 
  • Remind me how little food I need: On a juice fast I drink six juices all totaling about 1200 calories. On my first juice cleanse I lay prostrate on my floor the whole five days because I was so afraid. “How could I possibly have enough energy to do anything on just juice and so little calories?”  Eventually, I realized our bodies function perfectly fine on fewer calories than you might think. Knowing that now, I still keep a workout schedule and am very active even while fasting. I mostly feel energized and alert through the whole process. (Important to listen to your body on a fast. rest if you need to rest!)
  • Consciousness about hydrating: Sometimes I get off track with my water consumption. I know I should be consuming half my body weight in ounces, but often I don’t get there. Juice cleanses make you crazy thirsty, and so you get into the habit of drinking boatloads of water, and that habit can translate back into your normal typical diet.
  • Sometimes you just need a cup of tea: This might be the biggest non-nutrient bonus.  There is a significant degree of research out now revealing that people who eat significantly fewer calories in a day are overall healthier. Take two same-sized, non-obese people and we are starting to see that the one that takes in fewer calories per day is more physiologically sound. I have alluded in previous posts that I am an overeater (like so many of us!). I get panicky if I don’t know from whence my next snack or meal might come! Juice fasting allows me to step away from the crazy cycle of overeating and reflect on the fact that I will survive if I don’t have a meal in front of me at all times. A growly stomach or hunger pang often can be beautifully satisfied by just a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water. For those struggling with weight management, this is a huge epiphany. Your hunger signal will go away. You will not starve. It is okay to go longer periods between meals. 
  • Deep Sleep: When you haven’t been chomping on junky foods all day it is amazing how regulated your sleep cycle can become. I often have a difficult time falling asleep but on a juice fast, I fall asleep easily and sleep like a bear. I do try to allow a little more sleep on a  fast, but regularly I don’t need it because the quality of sleep I get is so good.
  • Spiritual Discipline: I am an indulgent beast. So I find that giving up something that brings me great pleasure (FOOOOODDDDD) to focus on faith, prayer, and meditation has been excellent for my connection to God. Whatever your faith, a well-timed act of spiritual discipline can be an excellent practice.  

I like to juice fast at the beginning of the year, preferably the first week of January. I  find it starts the year on a good foot! I love the nutritional value I get from all those yummy veggies, but do it more for the reasons I mentioned above. I always choose the most veggie-filled juicesI so that I don’t send my body into a glycemic tailspin with too much fruit, and I always make sure the juices are well-sourced. 

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For Seattleites: I found the best juicery! The juices are all cold pressed and 100% organic. That is hard to find! The staff was very helpful and available. My order was ready on time, and they made the whole process simple. If you are in Seattle be sure to check out JUICEBOX when you decide to embark on a juice fast of any kind. They also have great food items in their location in Capitol Hill.

What do you think about juice cleansing? Would you ever try it?





Have you ever done a juice fast or experienced the benefit of juicing? You don’t have to do five days, but I recommend this week you incorporate one juice into your weekly diet. If you don’t have a juicer, consider finding a juice bar close to you. (Search: juicery, organic, your city) The best juice to consume is cold-pressed 100% organic and the more veggies, the less fruit, the better.


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38 Responses

    1. I have found that it matters what source. Like I did one and I think the brand of juice was just off. This most recent one I was barely hungry or ill feeling.

    1. Good job! I would love to know how it goes for you. It’s weird but you will need to drink a ton of water even though you are drinking fluids all day with the juice!

  1. I’ve never done a juice fast before. My biggest fear is that I just wouldn’t have enough self discipline. I loved reading the unexpected benefits you mentioned though!

    1. I would suggest even just starting with a juice fast until dinner. That is totally doable and then you can grow from there. 🙂

    1. Get some kale into that smoothie Matt! And maybe half an avocado. The fat will slow the fruit sugars from hitting your bloodstream too quickly! but, I know you know all that! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Talk about getting you into a good mindset! Try a half day one and see how you do. You can always expand the length of time as you feel ready!

  2. I love to cleanse! I’ve fasted in the past with the Master Cleanse, which works well for me. On a daily basis I drink warm water with lemon.

    1. Love the warm water with lemon! You might like to try my THREE DAY RESET on the blog Willow. Sounds right up your alley! xo thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse but I have strongly considered it. I love green juice but haven’t had the energy to try it for a full day or more… I think you just kind of inspired me to go ahead and try it. I’ll start with a day and then maybe the next week try two. It sounds like a great way to give your body a break. I already started doing meatless Mondays this year 🙂

    1. Such great choices Dia! I know you can do it! When feeling not up to it, I have found just a full day of juicing and then a normal dinner can do the trick. Let me know how it goes!

    1. I was hungry on my first one two. A lot of that is your out of balance insulin response saying “What the FFFFFFF” But I found with better quality, organic juices I did better, and each time I did it, it got better. BUT, there are lots of options and juice fasting may not be for you! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have never done a juice cleanse before, but want to try it. I just feel like I am going to be super hungry! Also, my workouts are always so intense so I feel like I am going to lose weight which is not my fitness goal.

    1. You might consider a juice fast that includes an almond milk as one or two of the juices. That’s what I do. Adds some protein back in and you still get the benefits of juicing. I typically loose weight but it goes on usually when I start eating normally again.

    1. Ha ha! I appreciate your honesty Candy. how about just one awesome, organic, cold pressed juice a day. SUJI is a widely available brand that I like. 🙂

  5. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before because I go out to eat almost every week. So I think I’ll give me stomach and my wallet a little break and give it a try. This year I’m really focused on choosing healthy choices and getting rid of some of my bad eating and lifestyle habits so maybe this is a great way to jumpstart it!

    1. It definitely takes some pre-planning. And good to do when you don’t have too many social obligations. Try just one day and see how you do!

  6. I totally want to try a juice cleanse and all your added reasons are totally moving me closer to actually kicking one off. Thanks for all the helpful tips and extra motivation!

  7. I’ve been thinking about juicing. My dad actually has a juicer but doesn’t really use it. We don’t really have many places to buy already made juices where I live though. Do you have any favorite recipes recipes?

    1. Jessica, I don’t but what I can tell you is spinach, kale and celery as a base. Then head toward carrot/ginger, beet/lemon, chard/berry. That could get you started. Apple, celery and cucumber are all great as bases as well. 🙂 Best of luck sister!

    1. That is for dang sure. I was getting hot flashes and I am like, dude (that is my husband), I am in perimenopause…..wait a minute……put the wine away….hot flashes gone….. hmmmmm. 8-/

  8. Heather- great post. I’ve considered doing a juice fast but am always worried I’ll be starving (hence: HANGRY). That’s not the case? I do need to get some good sleep and this is another motivator. (And to think I wonder why I have major insomnia when I primarily eat chips, soda, and cake…. boooooo!)

    1. My sister texted me during and asked if I had chewed my arm off yet…ha ha. So for some, it is a practice in discipline for sure. I find each one I do gets easier and easier. Remember a lot of the hunger pangs is your insulin going “HEYYYYYYYYY, WHAT GIVES!!!!!!” But it will quiet down. Sometimes I will split the juices in half so that I can grab the second half when HANGRY HAPPENS. Try an 18-hour one and see how you do!

    1. Common issue, Elizabeth. Regulating those hormones (Juicing is one way) is a great way to deal. Lots of other options as well. Let me know if you want to speak privately about some of the other techniques. 🙂

  9. Have not yet tried a juice cleanse – mostly because I’m worried about how miserably hungry I will be but definitely would love to do it for a day at least. Interesting that you felt like your sleep quality was much better!

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