When I first attempted to convert to the Paleo lifestyle, it was quite a transition. I was still craving carbs like crazy! It was like I was Cookie Monster in Heather’s clothing. I would often stare at a bunch of kale, and think, “There is no way I am going to be able to fool myself into thinking that this is going to satisfy the carb monster living inside of me.” I was right.

After many trials and errors, I realized something…

When you choose to “give up” a food, the difference between success and failure is a substitute. You must have something to take the place of the banished food! So, to encourage a smooth transition into your new Paleo lifestyle, I am providing you with seven fantastic “carb-craving-crushing” recipes that can act as superior substitutes for your old “carby” stand-bys.

Craving Carbs - 7 Paleo Recipes to Curb the Cravings

Craving Carbs – 7 Paleo Recipes to Curb the Urge

ZUCCHINI NOODLESThis one is an easy one. Listed below are two great recipes that are both delicious and “non-puffifying.” In other words, you won’t feel like a bloated farm animal after eating a full plate!


SPAGHETTI SQUASH – Check out the best spaghetti squash recipe to get the best quality noodles!



ROSEMARY CRACKERS – I love a good cracker with something yummy on top like bean-less hummus, or a cashew spread. Joy is a cracker that can hold up to a blanket of tasty cured meat on top of it. 



CHOCOLATE AVOCADO COOKIES – The Cookie Monster in me is always looking for cookie recipes that are Paleo-friendly. I have several great cookie recipes that I frequently use, but I thought it would be nice to throw in a chocolate cookie recipe for all of the chocolate lovers out there. Hmm…chocolate and avocado mixed together – an unlikely match, but one that combines to form a mouthful of “WOW!”


PALEO TORTILLAS – Two things people transitioning to a Paleo diet often miss are good tortillas and good sandwich bread. Well, lucky you, this great recipe doubles as both. These tortillas are  “stretchy,”  and they hold together well, regardless of whether you are filling them with taco meat, or BLT fixings. I make mine ahead, , freeze them,  and then pop them into the microwave for about 10 seconds. They are perfect!



PALEO BANANA BREAD – This recipe originated from Civilized Caveman and has been downloaded more than almost any other Paleo recipe ever created. I have used this recipe to make muffins and banana bread loaves, and they have turned out fantastic! Banana bread is truly a cultural staple, like baseball, and thank God George has made a paleo banana bread that is truly fabulous. (I have also added unsweetened chocolate chips, and walnuts. YUM!)

SWEET POTATO CHIPS – I am not sure I have met someone that doesn’t like a good handful of chips. Luckily, Paleo folks have this down. Between kale, zucchini, and sweet potato chips, along with all of the fresh herbs and spices, you have an unlimited number of flavor combinations that you can try out. This sweet potato chip recipe is one of my favorites.

There are oodles of recipes that can help you transition from a carb-eating monster to a svelte, Paleo Aficionado. I hope these recipes are helpful during your Paleo journey.

Let me know which one of these recipes is your favorite!


This week consider taking stock of where your cravings hit the hardest. Is it snack time, side dishes, or dessert? Once you have figured out which are, your strongest triggers do a google search (or use one of these!) for three paleo recipes that could act as a substitute. Perhaps even start a small collection ins a recipe book of your favorite carb-crushing solutions. 



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